Why I prefer the Apple Watch SE to Series 6

Every year, Apple sells us its most expensive and toughest products. I am currently testing the iPhone 12 Pro Max and love it. The larger screen is great for reading and business activities, and the new camera technology is a big step forward.

However, there are times when you should take your eyes off Apple’s latest top tier releases. This is absolutely true with the new Apple Watch SE ($ 279) launched last fall. It’s not as powerful or feature-rich as the Watch Series 6, which was released at the same time, but it comes with everything you really need and costs $ 100 less.

Here’s what the SE doesn’t have: It won’t read your blood oxygen level, and it won’t take an ECG like the 6-series. It doesn’t have an always-on screen, so you have to get up or turn your wrist to wake the display up. These first two characteristics are important health metrics for some people but not for most of us. And while a constant screen is nice to have, I’d say …

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