Which series of Android phones should copy the flat design of the iPhone 12?

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Whatever you think of the iPhone 12, there is no doubt that it will affect the design of other phones in the near future. You just have to look at the barrage of notched phones that came after the iPhone X as an example. Even though some companies came first, Apple set the trend. With that in mind, it’s just a matter of when an Android phone maker copies the throwback-style flat iPhone 4/5 adopted by Apple’s latest flagships.

But which Android brands would benefit most from taking inspiration from Cupertino’s latest look? While we certainly wouldn’t expect companies to simply follow Apple’s lead when Android thrives on variety, there are some vendors who could borrow a page from the iPhone 12 book. It might not only rejuvenate some big names, but solve the problems. defects that hold their phones.

Huawei and Honor “Pro” phones

Credit: Ryan-Thomas Shaw / Android Authority

Huawei’s phone business may be grappling with the brunt of the ongoing trade ban in the US, but the new independent brand Honor is on the rise. Despite their different fortunes, both Android vendors could learn a thing or two from Apple’s flat design aesthetic.

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The two enthusiastically supported curved screens on their high-end models and apparently up to a mistake. One example is the highly curved “waterfall” screens of the Mate 40 Pro and Honor 30 Pro Plus. They are slippery and even fragile devices precisely because of their curves and not just their displays. A flat iPhone-like design may not be as eye-catching, but it may appeal to global Android fans who have been wary of premium models from Huawei and Honor in recent years.

Admire them Xiaomi

Credit: Ryan-Thomas Shaw / Android Authority

Recent high-end Xiaomi phones like the Mi 10 Pro and the (sadly) China-exclusive Mi 10 Ultra offer great value for money. However, the emphasis on curvy glass isn’t that thrilling. It’s not just that the curves make it harder to hold, it’s that you’ve probably seen those basic design cues on many phones before, even though Xiaomi adds a few touches of its own. The company relies heavily on the name and on the technical sheet to win you over.

The Mi 11 is more distinct with its recognizable camera bump and vibrant color options, but it’s yet another curved plate. A flat design could help Xiaomi stand out in a crowded sea of ​​Android manufacturers by making its phones much easier to hold.

Successor to the Nokia 9 PureView

It’s not just curved screen Android phones that could bear to adopt an iPhone-inspired flat body. If and when there is a Nokia 9 PureView sequel, it should be on the shortlist.

To put it bluntly, HMD Global’s camera-focused phone was bulky. The screen could have been flat, but the combination of a curved back with a glossy glass finish and large body made it a challenge to hold. And that’s a serious problem for a photography-focused phone. It’s hard to get stable shooting when you’re worried about dropping your device on the curb. A flat look would help nail those photos.

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After all, it could simply reinvigorate Nokia’s design language. While it’s not too hard to recognize modern Nokia on the street, they’re not nearly as iconic as pre-HMD phones like the N95 or the Lumia 1020. A flat look wouldn’t go back in time, but it could bring back that signature Nokia quirks seemingly gone years. does.

Also, we shouldn’t forget that the Nokia 9 PureView was received very badly at launch almost two years ago. If HMD Global wants to get back into flagship space, a cool, flat look could erase some of those bad memories.

LG Velvet 2

The LG Velvet is a stylish phone. It’s arguably a much needed reinvention for a company struggling to distance their designs from heavyweight ones like Samsung. Does this mean that LG should leave the Velvet alone? We don’t think so.

As we said earlier, the Velvet is a trendy phone driven by trends. A Velvet 2 could easily maintain that trend by ditching the swooping curves of its predecessor for a flat (but still elegant) chassis. It shouldn’t hide the iPhone that closely, just borrow enough of those signals to put it at the forefront of Android design around 2021.

Tell us: what’s your suggestion?

Credit: Robert Triggs / Android Authority

While we have some ideas for Android phones that should lift the iPhone 12’s flat design traits, we absolutely can’t cover them all. There is sure to be a phone that you would like to get a makeover, whether it’s a follow-up to the hardware in your pocket or a dream device you’ve been looking at for some time. Let us know your suggestions in the comments!

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