When you browse through Gmail on your iPhone, does it sound good? You Are Not Alone, Don’t Worry

If you are a Gmail fan, it is wise that you want to access and read emails on your iPhone using the official Google Gmail application. Unfortunately, for many people, the experience has been less than ideal since the release of iOS 15 last fall. Over the last several months, the Gmail iOS app has been adding strange navigation behavior for reasons that are not quite obvious; scroll up or down to browse the web via long email message resulting in jittery or glossy appearance which is pretty annoying. It is enough to make some people feel nauseous.

I have experienced this problem myself a few months ago but it has not given me much thought until recently. I used a Mail app built into Apple with Fastmail for my first email account; Gmail is only used for some secondary accounts for other organizations I work with. However, looking into it, I discovered that the problem is widespread, and although Google has repeatedly acknowledged it, the company does not appear to have come up with a solution.

These Amazing Applications Help You Save Money, Save Money, Cancel Unwanted Subscriptions, and More. The App Store has become completely oversaturated with all the same repetitive junk. Cut clutter off: These are the only iPhone 6 accessories you will ever need… Find More. It follows on the Gmail Support Forum that Google has gathered over 100 posts that users have been complaining about, dating back to September 2021. While it appears to have received a lot of attention after iOS 15, some users also report your experience on older iOS versions.

I still have this problem. I had to go back to Apple’s native Mail application to avoid the motion sickness. I also get a running keyboard in Chrome – and I’m using Safari right now. You’d think Apple was doing this to force a move to their apps haha.Aussie Andy, the first Gmail Support Group suggested this might be related to the new, 120Hz ProMotion display on iPhone 13 Pro models. However, it is not the end of those new iPhone models. I have experienced it on my iPhone 12 Pro Max, and others have reported the same problem on even older iPhones and even on the iPad.

While the problem is most prevalent in the Gmail application, some have reported seeing it in Chrome, Facebook, and even Apple’s own News app. However, they can describe a slightly different behavior. There is a difference between a simple rotation and a more jittery experience that hits the Gmail application. According to Google Somnath conference user, who is listed as a Diamond Product Expert, the issue has been added to the Gmail group on October 28, 2021. Somnath reports that the Gmail group confirmed “around February 25, 2022, that it has been redesigned the case. , ”However that does not seem to be the case, and Gmail users are frustrated enough to leave the application altogether.

I have the same “jittery” word, but the second word is now: it has been almost 4 months since we first created this defect in this string, and Google has failed to respond specifically (tell us they are looking yours is not. help at this point). Bottom line, this is a sucky customer experience and I will never use Gmail or Chrome anymore. t already.

I think it was Google’s decision to bring you to Android. It worked for me! Pixel for the win.Aussie Andy, Gmail Support Forums Naturally, the conspiracy theories are that this is Apple’s attempt to force users to switch to the native Mail app. Really do not understand how we are dealing with such trivial matters… Maybe it is a real apple restriction to force conversion to native application? PeWoo, Gmail Support Forums Of course, it is worth mentioning that the application Apple Mail is not the only one that does not have this problem. Dozens of other email applications are available on the App Store such as Spark and Outlook that do not have this problem, and some of them even offer push notifications for Gmail accounts. Unfortunately, there is not much you can do to fix the problem yourself; this is something that Google software engineers will need to explore.

However, you can alleviate the situation by changing your behavior slightly. The jitteriness seems to be caused by the inertial or shifting effect on the iPhone. This feature lets the navigation continue physically after you swipe up or down and release your finger. For whatever reason, if you keep your finger on the screen while scrolling through a message in Gmail, the jitter disappears. Even if you scroll at the same speed, the release of your finger causes something different to happen, resulting in a more eating experience of losing the smooth rotation that we are all familiar with everywhere else on the iPhone.

This is a little more than a task, though, and Google finally needs to fix this problem. If you are working into this, you can send feedback directly within the Gmail application and add the #GmailiOSJitteryScreen tag to make sure you arrive at the right side.

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