What to expect from the 2020 'Apple Series 6' launch

Apple’s fall versions are coming soon, and with it, a new Apple – the “Apple Series 6” – is very likely. Here’s what you can expect to see happen on Apple’s flagship.

When will the “Apple Series 6” be announced?

The Apple is typically announced alongside the annual iPhone release in September. There is speculation that the iPhone event could be delayed until October, which could delay the announcement of the newest Apple.

Leaking notable Jon Prosser has suggested that the “Apple Series 6” will be released in the week of September 7, alongside the next-gen iPad models.

What will the “Apple Series 6” be made of?

Apple is known to regularly add and remove Apple materials. The Apple Series 3 saw the introduction of ceramic, which was dropped for the Apple Series 4. Ceramic returned for the Apple Series 5, with titanium the latest addition.

The “Apple Series 6” is expected to come out with aluminum, stainless steel, titanium and ceramics.

There have been a few suggestions that Apple might get a plastic version soon, much like the popular iPhone 5c. The new entry level could serve as a device for kids or first-time buyers who would like to try out a cheap model.

So far, all generations of Apple have featured an OLED display. There has been speculation that Apple may migrate to using microLED in the next Apple. By switching to microLEDs, the screen would consume less power on the battery, which would increase the wear time between charges. However, a more recent report indicates that Apple will not switch to microLEDs until 2023.

A regulatory filing has shown that the next Apple will likely see a new battery. Two smaller batteries and a larger one have been filed with various regulatory systems, including Safety Korea. Apple tends to change the battery size when software efficiency gains mean that battery life would be comparable or better than previous models.

Upcoming Connectivity Changes

The next Apple is rumored to see the addition of Liquid Crystal Polymer, or LCP, which could lead to increased wireless performance. The hardware can improve the performance of the antenna and allow the inclusion of Wifi 6 in Apple.

It would also improve the water resistance ratings, as the LCP would improve the connection between the digital crown and the motherboard.

It is rumored that a new “Kid Mode” will also be introduced in the future. Child mode would allow parents to pair an additional Apple with their iPhone. This would make it easy for parents to track their child’s location and give them the ability to contact family members.

“Kid Mode” would also likely feature a Screen Time feature that would allow parents to monitor their children’s use of the device.

Sleep tracking, blood oxygenation and more could come to the “Apple Series 6”

The Apple has been able to perform an EKG through the Digital Crown since the Apple Series 4. A code leak in the OS 7 beta suggests that the ECG function will be improved, able to take an ECG even when the heart rate of a user is high. The code does not indicate whether this will be due to new hardware or upgraded software features in OS 7.

According to some rumors, the detection of oxygen in the blood arrives on Apple almost every year. The Apple sensor uses the same basic technology that is used to detect oxygen saturation. Likely due to FDA regulations – and Apple unwilling to classify Apple as a full medical device – the functionality has been left out of the device.

Some suffered from COVID-related pneumonia had no outward symptoms until their blood oxygen levels were dangerously low. A wearable device that can regularly monitor a user’s blood oxygen levels could help detect COVID-19 – or other conditions that deprive the body of oxygen – before more severe symptoms develop .

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the FDA has started allowing consumer electronics manufacturers – such as Fitbit – to deliver oxygen to the blood. It is therefore possible that the functionality arrives on the “Apple Series 6” and perhaps in the form of an update of the operating system to older models.

The Apple may also have the option of offering deep sleep tracking, although the user should be aware of when they are charging their Apple.

A new leak claims that the “Apple Series 6” will add mental health tracking, which would allow the device to monitor a user’s heart rate for signs of anxiety. This is not surprising, as Apple recently partnered with UCLA for a three-year study on depression, marking their official foray into mental health research.

Upcoming and potential workout changes

Workouts is now renamed to “Fitness” and will collect data on both workouts and activity. The informationon will be streamlined, providing users with the informationon most relevant to their priority objectives.

A new app to guide users through workouts could launch on Apple platforms this fall. The component of this system could include a new application, prompts for workouts using vibration and sound, and interactive software with data.

How much will the “Apple Series 6” cost?

No rumor has suggested a cost for the next Apple. The Apple Series 5 currently costs between $ 399 and $ 1,349 and is highly dependent on the size, material, and band a user selects. If the “Apple Series 6 ″ releases a plastic version, it can be assumed that the base model will come out for less than $ 399, but will still depend on the options the user chooses.

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