What to expect from Apple's Q3 2020 earnings report on July 30

Apple will announce its latest financial results, covering the third fiscal quarter of 2020, in late July. In the absence of Apple’s quarterly guidelines, all eyes will be on how Apple has weathered the coronavirus.

For the first time in more than two decades, Apple has released no indication of its upcoming third quarter results. Traditionally, it publishes such guidelines for the next quarter during its call announcing the current ones, but that changed in 2020 and that entirely because of COVID-19.

Apple’s decision not to publish any indication, however, does not mean that analysts did not try to predict the numbers. On average, analysts who track Apple’s sales expect the company to make $ 51.47 billion in the call. That compares to $ 58.3 billion in the second fiscal quarter of 2020, although Apple’s third fiscal quarter has traditionally been the weakest time of the year.

For comparison in the third quarter of 2019, Apple reported revenue of $ 53.8 billion, slightly more than analysts had expected. More than half of this revenue came from the iPhone, but services were increasingly important.

After this quarter of 2019, Apple launched others, such as Apple Arcade and Apple TV +, which led to a Q2 2019 of $ 11.5 billion. In Q2 2020, services increased again to reach $ 13.3 billion.

While the impact of COVID-19 and Apple’s efforts to reopen its stores are the main factor affecting overall results, some are expected to be positive. What would have been considered a temporary increase in sales of MacBook Pro due to the fact that people are starting to work from home would have continued.

This quarter is also the first where there could be an indication of the success of the new iPhone SE. The phone appears to have been successful, as far as there were shortages. And even if its publication fell outside the Q2 earnings period, it was mentioned several times during this call.

IPhone SE

“I have seen a strong response from customers to the iPhone SE, which is our most affordable iPhone,” said Tim Cook, while answering questions from analysts. “[It] It seems that these customers mainly come from wanting a smaller form factor with lates technology, or from doing so from Android. ”

It is however too early to see a visible impact of the announcement of Apple Silicon. Apple may well see a slight drop in Mac sales as potential buyers choose to wait for models based on Apple Silicon instead, but since there is only about a month left, which could be impacted, it will likely be lost in “noise”. other factors.

These revenue calls are legally required and Apple has certain obligations, but these do not even include speculating on future sales. Analysts are likely to ask anyway, but Apple won’t give any details beyond the current numbers, and even these have omitted sales volumes since late 2018.

Appleiphonestop will provide full coverage of the results call on Thursday, July 30, starting at 2:00 p.m. Pacific (5:00 p.m. ET). Until then, however, we will add to this piece as the details emerge and assumptions are made.

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