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There are several worlds in Intel’s 12th-generation Alder Lake mobile portfolio. The P-series CPUs, in addition to the more powerful Alder Lake H chips, appear to be very promising on paper. The Core i7-1280P is at the top of the line in this class, and we hope that the elimination of ultrabooks will be powered by it this year. In this post, we will be comparing the Apple M1 to the Intel Core i7-1280P to see what kind of high-end processor. Let’s take a brief look at each processor characteristics before we start with the comparison. We look at three chips in total at Apple’s M1 lineup: M1, M1 Pro, and M1 Max.

Intel Core i7-1280P is top-of-line chip in Alder Lake P-series. This replaces the Core i9 in the P-series with 14 cores and 20 cables. One of the main differences between this and the Core i9-12900HK, for example, is primarily the clock speeds and TDP size. The Core i7-1280P, as you can see, is clocked at 1.8GHz bandwidth and 4.8GHz boost on P cores. This is slightly higher than the 2.5GHz bandwidth and 5GHz boost speeds of 12900HK.

As far as TDP is concerned, the Core i7-1280P converts to 28W and tops at 64W. This is significantly lower than the TDP values ​​of 12900HK. Lower TDP ratings allow to be used in thin and light-form factors without having to deal with high thermal conductivity. Power mounts powered by the new Core i7-1280P have crashed to hit the shelves. We are expecting many new ultrabooks powered by this new chip to come soon, we will have more talk about them as soon as we have the space to use them. We expect 14 cores to easily hit pretty much every 35W CPU from the 11th outboard configuration. The overall performance of the system, however, will depend entirely on the power limits and how well the heating of a given system improves. We think the high-end laptop powered by the Core i7-1280P should be able to handle pretty much anything you throw at it.

It is hoped that the overall performance of the chip will be consistent with some high-end chips from the Alder Lake H series, including the Core i7-12800H. In fact, we expect the Core i7-1280P to match the overall performance of 12900HK in some performance applications. This means that the new 1280P should easily be able to beat Apple’s older M1 chip. While we do not expect the 1280P to hit the new M1 Max, we think it should be able to keep the performance of the M1 Pro.

The decision to buy either a Windows laptop or an M1 powered MacBook is also very much in line with the software and user experience. Both Windows and MacOS have their pros and cons, so many options come down to personal preference. That being said, we think the new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro systems are great for content creators. You can read our 16-inch MacBook Pro review for details. We will have more to say about the performance of the Core i7-1280P processor once the new laptops go on sale.

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