What It Means To Reset Network Settings On An iPhone Or Android Device

Is it normal for your Wi-Fi to go down? Or has your Bluetooth stopped working? Configuration network settings can fix these and other network connection problems, regardless of what the issue is. This process, however, adjusts the configuration of different functions on your mobile device to their default settings. This includes finding mobile settings, Wi-Fi SSID and password, and Bluetooth connection devices, among other things.

So without further ado, let’s get directly into the subject and learn what network configuration settings do and how to do it on your mobile phone. When Do You Reset Network Settings? You should consider reconfiguring network settings to solve problems in the following situations. Your Wi-Fi is always disconnected so you always need to reconnect to your device. The phone message is interrupted or, even worse, not available in some cases.

Even though you have fast internet, your Wi-Fi is working very slowly. VPN fails to connect to a server. Bluetooth is experiencing problems connecting with your devices. Mobile data is turned on automatically. What Configure Network Settings Do on iPhone and Android. When you reset the network settings on either iPhone or Android, various programs are removed or deleted from your system. You can learn more about them in the details below:

In the case of your cellular settings, the type of mobile network you want (2G, 3G, LTE, 4G) will automatically switch to default. Similarly, it sets the network selection mode to automatic. And, it turns off browsing data and clears data usage statistics. Wi-Fi network connected to (SSID) is disconnected. Also, your password will be deleted. Therefore, it will be easier for you if you already save the password on a note.

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