What Happens When The iPhone Reaches Extra Power? Brownlee, Marques

This video was watched on YouTube by Marques Brownlee, in which he discusses “Are we on high-end smartphone, or is it just because of a malfunction?” For those who are interested, the video has been added, and a preview of the film has been provided. So, to be honest, there is only one version of the iPhone 14 that I really like right now. But first, let me ask you a question. Is it possible that we have reached the pinnacle of smartphone use? I mean, it’s a typical question at this point, and instinct is always yes, so obviously we are.

But I’ve always said NO, we are not at the peak of smartphones. As long as things are improving regularly every year, it just progresses more and more frequently. We are gaining more performance, more memory, higher resolutions and more understanding and we continue to receive new features. Recently cameras are under displays and fingerprint readers are under improving screens. And soon we started receiving phones in half reading.

So if we are describing the smartphone peak as it reaches a high point where the phones are not good and it is flat, then surprisingly, we are not there yet. But I think we all have the same feeling, which obviously has been a bit slow since the beginning. Smartphones in early 2007 and 2009 were making big leap. I have the first HD screen and then the first selfie camera and then the first eight K videos. Now we get small things.

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