These 5 Shortcuts Help Me Automate My Digital Life

I use shortcuts every day to automate different parts of my workflow. Last weekend I even moved all of my folders to the Shortcuts folder in iCloud Drive. This allows me to run certain shortcuts and automations with just a few clicks.

1: Save photos

I save a lot of photos on the web, from concept art to device wallpaper. This shortcut gets a photo, converts it to space-saving HEIF, and saves it in the correct folder. It depends on my PIM system so you will need to modify it to suit your own file system. Shortcut: Save photos

2: timers

You’ll definitely want to modify this shortcut as it contains three timers that I use most often: one for brushing my teeth, one for laundry, and a timer for brewing tea. Add your timers to the top menu. Shortcut: Timers

3: Clipping of articles

Unlike Evernote and OneNote, Safari doesn’t have a web clipping tool. But you can use this shortcut as an alternative. Shortcut: Clipper article

4: URL cleaning

This privacy-focused shortcut will remove most of the URL tracking settings. Anytime you look at a URL and see “? Utm =” followed by a bunch of characters, they’re usually trackers. Shortcut: Clean the link

5: Remove metadata from photos

Here’s another privacy shortcut that removes metadata from your photo. I like to use it when I want to share a photo on the web. Shortcut: Remove metadata

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