The Technology and Impact of the Mac’s Move to Apple Silicon

Apple News Debris of the Week

• Okay, now we know that Apple is switching its Macs to Apple Silicon (ARM). The implications are enormous. So if you are looking for an overview of ARM technology, I have found it. Here’s everything you need to know. This ZDNet article is pretty much a must read for today’s Mac user.

2020 MBA (Intel). First Apple Silicon?

In addition, a former director of Apple, Jean-Louis Gassée, thinks that this decision will have a dramatic effect on the computer industry. See: “The former Mac boss predicts that PC makers will have to dump AMD and Intel to “switch to ARM.”

… He says that Apple’s decision to phase out Intel processors in favor of its own ARM-based silicon will force “OEM PCs to reconsider their allegiance to x86 silicon… and this will have serious consequences for the old Wintel partnership “

• 9to5Mac has a great article on NBCUniversal’s Peacock TV streaming service. All the essentials. “NBC Peacock: how to watch for free on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, what’s available, how to cancel.

• Are you planning to switch to macOS Big Sur? Why take the leap? Here is a nice overview of the most visible changes. “MacOS Big Sur: 5 of the best new features from Apple’s latest operating system.

• Apple is very conservative in its iPhone battery technology. Very, very rarely, on a Over 2 billion iPhones sold, let’s hear about an iPhone battery that catches fire. It is therefore not surprising to hear about a reduction in the battery design capacity to meet global safety certification standards. Yet, being sensational, Gordon Kelly of Forbes is preparing a juicy dose of drum notes. “Apple reveals a serious battery problem for the new iPhone 12 models.

• Trusted Reviews gives us an overview. “What does the iPhone 12 look like?

The phone also has a more angular design than Apple’s previous iPhone 11 line, which looks more like the classic iPhone 5.

Many iPhone users have fond memories of this chiseled, square aluminum design and look forward to its return.

With Thunderbolt 4 insured on Apple Silicon Macs, it’s time to take a look at TB4 technology. Cult of Mac investigates: “Thunderbolt 4 brings only incremental advances compared to Thunderbolt 3.This article clarifies the important details of TB3, TB4 and USB-C.

• Finally, if you’re thinking of a new Apple Watch in a few months, it’s time to check out CNET “Summary of Apple Watch 6 rumors.“This article covers everything we think we know about AWS6 now.

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