The Real Story Behind Apple TV+ ‘Greyhound’

Apple News Debris of the Week Highlights Greyhound


Doggy style. Image Credit: Apple

• It looks like there is a lot of interest in the new Greyhound movie now airing exclusively on Apple TV +. Here is a first review of Macworld. “Review of “Greyhound”: a good film, but forgettable, which will probably not generate the buzz of Apple TV +.“I reserve my judgment until I see it myself.

Reverse the current

Meanwhile, some people know that I am a student of World War II naval aviation and carrier and submarine battles in the Pacific and Atlantic. For those who are genuinely interested in the battles of World War II in the North Atlantic, I very recommend the well documented Reverse the current, by Ed Offley. Basic Books, 2011. Noteworthy in this book, you will learn the origins of operational research analysis and how American convoys were designed to minimize losses against German submarines. Much more, of course.

If you are a naval war student, this book is a must read.

• Apple is very careful in determining which of its retail stores can be opened safely. This is probably because Apple has considerable wealth combined with a solid business model. Apple does not have to throw painful dice, weighing its survival against the health of employees and public health.

And so, if your local Apple store is open in some way, you can make a thoughtful guess about the extent of the pandemic in this neighborhood. See: “Latest coronavirus indicator: Apple Stores.

This article refers to a CNN Business Article which tracks the status of the Apple Store on a map of the United States.

• There is no doubt that the need to work from home these days has caused increased spending on PCs and Macs at home. Here is a good summary of sales of Mac units, a number that Apple no longer provides. “Gartner: Sales of Mac units increased 5.1% worldwide in the second quarter.

Apple Mac sales increased 5.1% as global PC shipments totaled 64.8 million units in the second quarter of 2020, up 2.8% from the second quarter 2019, according to preliminary results from Gartner, Inc. After a significant drop in the first quarter of the year due to supply chain disruptions related to COVID-19, the PC market has returned to growth, suppliers having replenished their channels and the demand for mobile PCs increasing.

Thunderbolt cable plugged into mac.

• Given Apple’s imminent break with Intel, the question arose whether Thunderbolt 4 would be supported in Apple Silicon Macs. This is because Thunderbolt is Intel technology. Now we know more, thanks to The Verge. “Apple promises to support Thunderbolt on its new ARM Macs.

“Over ten years ago, Apple partnered with Intel to design and develop Thunderbolt, and today our customers appreciate the speed and flexibility it brings to each Mac. We remain committed to the future of Thunderbolt and will support it on Macs with Apple silicon, “said an Apple spokesperson in a statement to The Verge.

• Finally, I present this delightful, intriguing and most likely alarming opinion piece from Chris Smith to BGR. “By removing the charger from the iPhone 12, Apple is preparing us for the future.

But I think the real reason to remove these accessories from the iPhone [12] the retail box has to do with the iPhone of the future. Apple is only massaging the field for an iPhone that will not need a clean charger or a wired headset.

Instead, the portless iPhone would need a wireless charger, like the Apple AirPower, which is supposed to be still going on. An official recently said that the universal charging accessory is coming soon, with Apple considering it essential for its portless iPhone plans. The same lessor noted that one of the iPhone 13 models of 2021 will not have ports.

Are you ready for a portless iPhone?

Particle Debris is typically a mix of John Martellaro’s observations and opinions about a week’s standout event or article, followed by a discussion of articles that didn’t make the headlines of TMO, the debris of technical news. The column is published most often every Friday, with the exception of vacation weeks.

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