Set an Alarm In the Revamped iOS 14 Clock App

There have been some significant changes and features added in iOS 14, which is now available as Developer and Public betas. However, some applications of the mobile operating system have only undergone minor modifications. One of them is about how you set an alarm in the Clock app. No more rotating dial to set your alarm time. Instead, there’s a more efficient number pad, but it brings a few confusing aspects.

Easier way to set alarm in iOS 14

When you configure Sleep / Wake up options in iOS 14, you get one default alarm (or multiple) for your optimal wake-up time. If you want to set another alarm, you can do so by pressing the orange button + icon at the top right of the Alarm tab in Clock.

To set a new alarm in iOS 14, start by pressing the orange + symbol

The alarm time will automatically be highlighted and the keypad active. Just type in the time you want to wake up. You can leave out the 0 for hours between 1 and 9 (730 instead of 0730).

The new numeric keypad setting in iOS 14 clock

Enter the digital time of your alarm, which is much easier than the old rotary dial

If you are using 24 hour time, enter the alarm setting accordingly (4:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.). Otherwise, select the AM / PM toggle button.

Set an alarm on iOS 14

If you don’t use the 24 hour time, be sure to set the AM / PM switch correctly

An annoying idiosyncrasy is that Clock automatically starts your alarm at the current time. This means, for example, that if you set an alarm at 8:30 p.m. for the next morning, you will need to make sure to set the AM / PM button to AM.

Then select one of the other options (Repeat, Label, Sound, Repeat) as desired.

Once you set an alarm in iOS 14, it will make the sound you selected the next time the time comes, and all other days the alarm is set.

Editing an alarm in iOS 14

Once you’ve set your alarm, you’ll need to be careful if you try to change it by pressing the orange time. By default, the entire duration will be selected and the numeric keypad active.

Selecting the numeric keypad in the Alarm tab of iOS 14 clock can be difficult

If you’re not careful when changing your alarm time, you might end up just typing on the hours or minutes, not both.

If you tap the orange hour, however, the clock will only select the hour digits. Since the app doesn’t switch to minutes after entering the hours, you might end up overriding the time you are trying to set.

The missing bedtime tab

Apple has removed the Bedtime tab from the Clock. Instead, you can configure your bedtime in the Health app. To get there, tap the orange text Edit from your auto-created alarm. You will see a very user-friendly menu with a dial and several buttons to customize your sleep and wake times the way you want.

Set an alarm on iOS 14

Sleep / Wake up options in iOS 14

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