Omni Group Announces OmniPlan 4, New Purchasing Options

Omni Group released its latest big update on Wednesday, OmniPlan version 4. OmniPlan is a macOS and iOS application for project management, allowing you to view and collaborate on cost forecasting, planning, and more. As always with an Omni Group app, there’s so much more. In fact, I was able to attend a demo to see these new features in action.

One thing that stood out to me was the new wizard, so when you set up a new project you get some help to make sure you pick the right options for what you need to do. It can be very frustrating to get started well with a project that you have configured only to find that you basically need to reconfigure it with different options (please don’t ask me how I know).

Since all good plans start with coffee, make a coffee plan!

Another really cool feature is improved cost and effort tracking. If you need to track financial informationon, you can add it as part of your project and see either what this step costs or the total project cost (for that resource or all) up to a specific point. There are some display improvements to the way of looking at things and a new file type for version 4 which improves compatibility if you are syncing files (for example, using Dropbox or Box).

Screenshot of OmniPlan 4 with a sample project displayed

But especially if you are using the iOS version of OmniPlan, the biggest addition comes with the Pro version which includes support for Omni Automation. It’s a way of scripting tasks using the mainstream JavaScript language and works on macOS, iOS, and iPadOS. There is a page on the Omni Automation website for each app that has examples and documentation to help you build your own job destruction bots.

I got to see a demo of the automation in action, and you can check out an example in the video below:

(courtesy of Omni-Automation and OmniGroup)

OmniPlan is launched in conjunction with the new Omni Group Store, which includes new options for subscriptions and licenses. Anything purchased under an Omni account, whether it is a subscription or a single license, will appear as purchased. A single account with a subscription can be used wherever the app is available. This means that it can be much easier for an organization to manage team licenses and not worry about the Apple ID it is linked to or other issues that may arise with purchases from the App Store. .

This does not change App Store purchases, if you prefer your payments to go through the Mac or iOS App Stores instead, it remains an option for both subscription and one-time purchase. For OmniPlan 4, this purchase is a one-time “traditional” purchase for $ 199.99 for the standard version and $ 399.99 for the Pro version. Subscription prices are $ 19.99 per month or $ 199.99 per year.

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