macOS: Getting Rid of the Windows EFI Boot Entry

Being able to install and run Windows on your Mac can be very helpful. Boot Camp Assistant makes this task easier, but sometimes you can forget that the utility can also be used to remove your Windows installation. If you’ve manually deleted your Windows partition in macOS, you’ll probably notice that something called EFI Boot still shows up in your Mac’s boot manager. We don’t need it anymore, so let’s get rid of it. This procedure should work with all versions of macOS.

Proceed with Caution – This procedure can make your Mac unusable if you are not careful

Finding the EFI Partition

In order to remove the EFI boot entry when you haven’t used Boot Camp Assistant to remove your Windows installation, you need to perform some work in Terminal. This procedure is not for the faint of heart, so be sure to enter everything correctly.

First, you will need to locate the EFI partition, where your Mac stores informationon about the operating systems that can be booted from your Mac. In the terminal, type this command:

diskutil list

You are looking for a partition on your primary hard drive called EFI.

As you can see my EFI boot partition is on / dev / disk0s1

Once you find it, enter these commands one at a time:

sudo mkdir / Volumes / EFIsudo mount -t msdos / dev / disk0s1 / Volumes / EFI

Replace / dev / disk0s1 with the correct partition that you located using diskutil.

Remove the Windows EFI boot entry

Once done, you will need to navigate to the correct folder. Again in Terminal, type:

cd / Volumes / EFI / EFI

This will put you in the directory where your Mac stores informationon about the operating systems you have installed. You will likely see a folder called Microsoft. In my case, I also have folders called Ubuntu and refind, but I leave them alone.

Remove the Windows EFI boot entry by typing this in the terminal:

rm -rf Microsoft

That’s all. When you restart your Mac, you should no longer get the additional EFI boot entry.

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