Is TikTok Really a Security Threat? Here’s What Experts Found

TikTok is an app popular with teens and young adults. It is a social media platform where users can share short videos similar to Vine or Snapchat. It has been in the headlines a lot lately about its security, with several publishers and companies posting informationon about the app. It all started when, in 2019, the Peterson Institute called enforcement a threat to national security.

Then, with the beta versions of iOS 14, we saw that TikTok secretly accesses data on your clipboard, thanks to a new security feature in the OS. Now even the American government considering a ban on the application. Here’s what the experts are saying.

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First, we have the Redditor which claims have reverse-engineered the application. User “bangerlol” states that the app collects a lot of informationon about your phone like hardware components, apps you have installed, network data, whether you are rooted / jailbroken and your email address (es) leak in HTTPS REST API applications.

Brief overview of Penetrum on TikTok

Then we have the security company Zimperium. His full analysis of TikTok is behind a barrier (you’ll need to give them your business name, title, email address, etc.). Using his Advanced analysis of z3A apps, he said that both iOS and Android versions of TikTok had high privacy and medium security risks, scoring 98/100 for privacy and 82/100 for security (a high score is bad).

Another security company, Penetrum, does his TikTok analysis readily available to everyone. the Main PDF reveals that TikTok’s level of data collection is, as u / bangerlol found, excessive.

Finally, in ProtonMail review of TikTok privacy policy, the amount of data that the application collects is there in the open. The data includes your IP address, in-app browsing history, your mobile operator, location data such as GPS coordinates, your device’s IMEI number and possibly its IMSI number, and every action you take. perform in the app.


It seems safe to say that TikTok is both a threat to privacy and security. There is an ongoing debate as to whether the company has connections to the Chinese government, but it is clear from the data that this is not entirely a political debate. This includes what its own privacy policy states. If you are concerned about your privacy and / or security, you may want to give TikTok a pass.

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