iPadOS: How to use the Five Finger Death Pinch

Multi-finger gestures have been on the iPad for some time; I remember using this gesture with my iPad 2 running iOS 5. I call it the pinch of death with five fingers. You can do this with four fingers, but pinching in this way is a bit annoying.

Closing of applications and multitasking

With the introduction of the welcome bar, these gestures are a little redundant. But they’re great to use on iPads with a home button.

Before you start, open Settings> Home screen and docking station. Press on Multitasking and make sure that Gestures is authorized.

  • With the first gesture, place five fingers on the screen and bring them together. This will close the application you are currently using.
  • The second gesture is the same, except that instead of pinching completely, we want to pause in the middle. This opens the Exposé App to see all of your open applications. You can also accomplish this by swiping with four fingers.
  • That’s all we can say about it. If you know of other multi-finger gestures, leave a comment below and I will include them here.

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