Five Key Tim Cook Quotes From Big Tech’s Big Hearing

Tim Cook received significantly fewer questions than his fellow technology CEOs and Wednesday’s antitrust hearing. However, he was still involved in some key moments.

Apple has ‘opened the door wider’

Unsurprisingly, Cook was keen to defend the previously used defense that Apple treats all developers the same and gives them all the same opportunity. “If Apple is a gatekeeper, what we have done is open the door wider,” he said.

The App Store has created an ‘economic miracle’

On a related note, Apple’s CEO told lawmakers, “It’s an economic miracle that the ‘App Store’ allows someone from their basement to start a business and serve 170 countries. in the world.” Hed continued, “I think he’s the biggest job creator of the last decade.”

Apple CEO Tim Cook Appears (Virtually) Before House Antitrust Subcommittee

Highlight education

Mr Cook was also keen to highlight Apple’s contribution to education and how it has helped during the COVID-19 pandemic. “We are proud of what we have done in the field of education,” he said. “We serve this market in a significant way. We will be working with people who are moving from a physical to a virtual world because of the pandemic. “

Respond to the controversy over the “ Hey ” app

In a slight deviation from the talking points, Mr. Cook tackled the controversy over the Hey messaging app directly. “Hey is in the ‘App Store’ today and we’re glad they’re here,” he said. “I think they have a free version of their product, so they don’t pay anything for it. I would also say that the 15 or 30% is for many services, compilers, programming languages, APIs, etc.

Protect children by removing certain parental control apps

Another controversy the CEO of Apple responded to was regarding the removal of parental control apps from the App Store, following Apple’s release of its in-house screen time feature. “We were concerned about the safety of children,” Cook said, referring to Apple’s insistence that the apps in question used mobile device management and put children’s privacy at risk.

[Tim Cook to Antitrust Hearing: ‘Apple Does Not Have a Dominant Market Share’]

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