Apple Music: How to ‘View Lyrics’ And Sing-Along to Your Favorite Songs

Apple Music has an excellent, albeit rather hidden, function of displaying lyrics. As the name suggests, the tool displays the lyrics and scrolls to the song you are listening to, which means you can sing!

Follow the lyrics of a song on Apple Music

There are several ways to access the Show Lyrics tool. One option is to tap the speech bubble icon in the upper right corner of Apple Music, as shown above. You can get the words of a song by going to View> Show Lyrics. There is also a keyboard shortcut – Ctl + Cmd + U. Whichever option you choose, the lyrics for the song appear on the right side of the screen.

As with a karaoke machine, the lyrics scroll back in time to the track on Apple Music. If you want to browse them at any time, you can slide with two fingers on the trackpad (I didn’t find that this function worked on a mouse). If you stop sliding, the song will start to time again with the track after a few seconds. If you left-click on a certain line (with the trackpad or the mouse), the track goes to this part of the song.

[Genius Lyrics Have Arrived in Apple Music]

Get the Lyrics function on iPhone…

You can also access song lyrics in Apple Music on an iPhone. Again, load the song you want. Tap the song currently playing or paused at the bottom of your screen. Doing this brings up the full list of tracks on the screen.

Apple Music Lyrics on iPhone

Then press the icon made up of three dots at the top right. This brings up a menu where you can choose the Show full lyrics option.

After that, all the words of the song you are listening to appear on the screen. However, unlike Apple Music for Mac, they don’t scroll with the song.

Full Apple Music Lyrics for iPhone

… And on Apple Music for iPad

The operation of the Display lyrics function in Apple Music on iPad combines the Mac and iPhone options. As with the Mac, load the song you want to sing into Apple Music and you will notice the speech bubble icon again.

Tap it and the lyrics appear and scroll with music. You can scroll through the lyrics with a finger or tap a certain line to get to that point in the song.

However, if you want to see all the words in a song at the same time, tap the three dots icon, then choose Show full lyrics from the menu, just like you can on Apple Music on the iPhone.

Happy song!

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