Apple is Doomed. No It Isn’t. Services Are Hot Stuff

Without further ado, let’s go straight to the Apple News debris of the week.

Apple News Debris of the Week

• With the COVID-19 virus wreaking havoc – and for a while – Apple is certainly definitively condemned. Who can afford their products? This is the subject explored by Ben Lovejoy at m9to5Mac. “The “Apple is doomed” messages are booming, but they are completely false.

After discussing possible and difficult problems and scenarios, author Lovejoy concludes:

So no, Apple is not condemned. Its activity can contract in certain areas. The challenges of reopening retail stores can limit sales opportunities for some time. It may well sell fewer flagship iPhones this year and next year.

But the company now has a wide range of products at a wide range of prices. It has new product categories coming up. He has huge cash reserves to see him through all the rough waters.

The survival of the fittest.

In just two months, Apple has shown great business mastery, creativity and agility. This thoughtful reading helps us focus on what Apple is doing to adapt, innovate and serve us.

• With this in mind, I should note that Apple’s services arrived at the right time. Jason Snell takes us through the numbers with a series of beautiful graphics. “Apple’s second quarter 2020 results: $ 58 billion in revenue, but no indication.”See the 9th graph for services.

• Here more good speculation on the main features of the Apple Watch 6. Finally, the Apple Watch will have a glucose monitoring. Combined with pulse measurement, ECG, SPO2 and sleep monitoring, it will truly be the laptop that kills.

• Last week, I discussed HBO Max. Now we have learned that “HBO Max will be free for current HBO customers of Hulu.

• Peacock is not yet on Apple TV, despite the scary title. “How to download and sign up for Peacock on Apple TV.”But it will, so read this semi-click-bait, semi-useful article and hold your nose.

• Cybersecurity is a hot topic in education. Those qualified there are pretty much guaranteed a job. So take your children home, on board. “New cybersecurity school to teach kids to crack house codes“The caption says it best.” The online initiative seeks to inspire a new generation of cybersecurity talent to bring out their “digital Sherlock Holmes” while schools remain closed.

Image of iPad Pro 2020 with Magic Keyboard

• Finally, this review of the Apple Magic Keyboard “changes the iPad again.”Ian Fuchs writes:

Now, with the Magic Keyboard, Apple offers a new option for the iPad Pro. The new case lets you effortlessly switch from keyboard mode to tablet mode whenever you want. Or you can completely forget about the touch screen, turning the iPad into a laptop more than ever.

A little bird told me that this evolution is do not a planned effort to downgrade the Mac. Rather, it is simply a response to what iPad users have argued. Finally.

Particle Debris is typically a mix of John Martellaro’s observations and opinions about a week’s standout event or article, followed by a discussion of articles that didn’t make headlines, debris from TMO technical news. The column is published most often every Friday except for vacation weeks.

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