Apple AirPower: ‘One More Thing’ for iPhone 12 Event

For a few years now, we’ve been waiting for an Apple wireless charger. Unfortunately, Cupertino abandoned the project in early 2019 and never mentioned it again. According to leakster @LeaksApplePro, the Apple AirPower will again be announced as “one more thingAt the iPhone 12 keynote this fall.

The ups and downs of the Apple AirPower

In September 2017, when the first iPhone devices began to support Qi wireless charging, Apple announced the AirPower. It was to be a sleek and sleek charging mat that would power multiple devices at once, wirelessly. Unfortunately, Apple canceled the project in March 2019, blaming the difficulties in meeting Cupertino’s high hardware standards.

Shortly after the cancellation, speculation began to circulate that the AirPower rumors death had been greatly exaggerated. YouTuber and leaker Jon Prosser have claimed his sources indicate Cupertino has relaunched the project internally. Prosser had no informationon on when or if Apple would release the AirPower, however.

The next iPhone 12 and ‘One More Thing’

In 1999, Steve Jobs started a nice trick during Apple’s keynotes. The penultimate showman, Jobs would leave the stage at the alleged end of the keynote, then return to unveil another product. He prefaced the announcement by saying, “But there is one more thing.”

Jobs continued the expected recall over the years, but Apple dismissed the tradition after his death. Then, in 2014, CEO Tim Cook revived the tradition by announcing the Apple Watch. He used the phrase again in 2015 to advertise Apple Music. The iPhone X was “one more thing” in 2017, and the phrase has not been spoken by Apple since.

It might be time for another yet

If @LeaksApplePro is right, then 2020 could be the time of ‘one last thing’ resurrection. The Twitter user claims to be an Apple insider, so maybe he has some informationon we don’t. There are many wireless chargers on the market. There are even a few who share the elegance and elegance of Apple products. Still, Cupertino is generally not one to stay out of its own accessories market.

Once doomed, the Apple AirPower could be “one more thing” during the iPhone 12 keynote

Supposedly, the problem with the Apple AirPower before was that the pad got too hot. If the engineers placed the induction coils too close to each other, that would definitely be a problem. Apple, if it continued to work on the engineering of AirPower, might have found an answer to the problem.

If so, we could very well see the Apple AirPower at the iPhone 12 event. Other rumors say the event is scheduled for October 13th.

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