Unless you have an iPhone, the Google Pixel Watch and Wear OS 3 look fantastic

The long-awaited launch of the Google Pixel Watch is one of the key features of the Google IO 2022. Or, at the very least, a long run. Google hasn’t revealed everything about wearable, but most of what it has shared is fun, with built-in Fitbit technology being stable. However, it has also been found that it is not compatible with iPhones. That means that if you have an iPhone, you will not be able to connect to a Pixel Watch, so it makes wearable useless.

If inserted in the Apple ecosystem it will probably not come as a surprise, because the Apple Watch is not compatible with Android phones at all. But most Wear OS watches work with iPhones, so this feels like a step backwards, and would be a huge disappointment for many buyers. Worse, the Pixel Watch isn’t the only iPhone release – the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic perform well.

That’s interesting because at the moment, that’s just the wearables running Wear OS 3 (a newer version of the operating system). At the time of the launch of the Galaxy Watch 4 series, it was expected that this was Samsung’s decision, but now that the Pixel Watch does not even support the iPhone, it is starting to look like it could be a software limitation.

In other words, it is unlikely that Wear OS 3 watches will support iPhones – although it is important to note that this has not been confirmed. Even if other Wear OS 3 watches launch with iPhone support though, that still argues the two big names of Wear OS without it. As noted above, Apple has a history of locking users into its ecosystem, and – most importantly in this case – does not allow you to use the Apple Watch with any phone not running iOS. But Google is different, or it is anyway.

One of the biggest selling points of Android (and Wear OS) is the open version of the software. It does not lock to a specific brand or even a specific application store. It’s your device so you can do what you want with it – and say what you want to it. While this transfer doesn’t lock as much as Apple did with the Apple Watch (after all, there are still hundreds of not thousands of different Android phones that you will be able to pair with), of course it is a step. is that direction, and one that is disappointing to see.

Wear OS already feels like an underdog in the smartwatch field (not helped by Google’s indifference of the altar), and while it finally feels like Google is paying some attention to it, locking millions of potential users does not seem like a game the wise. . James is an avid cell phone, tablet and wearables author and sub editor at TechRadar. He has a love for everything ‘smart’, from watches to lights, and you can always find him arguing with AI assistants or drowning in new applications. James is also a subscriber to 3G.co.uk, 4G.co.uk and 5G.co.uk and has written for T3, Digital Camera World, Clarity Media and others, including on-line services, in print and on TV.

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