Unknown iPhone tricks most people do not know

With short hacks built into the help you may have missed, surprisingly, a lot of hidden features are available on the iPhone. Just waiting to unlock, they are all in your iOS device. So here are some useful iPhone and iPad tips and tricks.

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I’m sure you know that you can move applications around on your iPhone screen, put applications in folders and even move applications to different pages of your iPhone. It is a great way to set up your device and often people will compile applications according to factors such as gaming, production, social media or finance so that they can find their applications quickly.

As an update, to move applications around, tap and hold any app and start dragging around the screen. By doing this all your equipment should start jiggling, which is known as jiggle mode, where they become moving.

Now, also holding this application, you can either drop it to another top to create a folder, or drag the application to the right edge of the screen until the next page appears where you can then ‘let go’ of the app and carried it.

But what happens if you want to move more than one application at once? Not many people know that you can do this but it is a kind of time saver – it is called creating a ‘compilation’.

To do this, again, tap and hold an application (you may need to move around a bit) until your applications start jiggling.

Then while re-holding your finger on the device use another finger to press other objects around it – these will stack on top of the one you are holding. Once you have stacked your materials you can then move them all around at once.

insane hidden PDF feature

The next crazy feature blew me away and it was something I saw recently. You can convert any web page to a PDF document and save it on your device!

To do this, start by navigating in Safari on your iPhone or iPad, then locate the partition icon (it looks like a square with an arrow facing upwards out of it and possibly at the bottom of your screen).

Tap this icon and a share menu will pop up but find the word ‘options’ at the top of this menu. Once you click ‘options’ you will be prompted to select to ‘send as – Auto, PDF or Web Store’ – select PDF and select ‘Done’.

Now when you want to send a web page to someone through the share menu it will become a PDF document.

You can send this via AirDrop, Messages, Email or if you find the option ‘Save to files’ it will save the PDF to your device (included in the file application).

To find a file application from Safari, drag your finger down from the top of your screen on your normal application to open a search tab. Now find the word ‘files’ – the app icon is white with a blue folder on it. You will find the PDF here, if not, included in the file application.

This is a useful feature, especially for students receiving documents for the study that may need to be printed for reading.

Emergency contacts

Finally, my hidden favorite feature is called ‘Emergency Bypass’ which allows you to select contacts in your iPhone that can bypass your phone in silent or Do not disturb location. Why would you want this?

Well, it means that a child or even an adult family member is able to contact you regularly, regardless of the location of your phone.

To give these important contacts a direct link to the Contacts application, tap their name, click ‘Edit’ in the upper right corner, scroll down and tap ‘ringtone’ , then this ‘Shopping’ on. In this menu you can also change the alert mode or select a special ringtone for this person.

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