Under pressure and inconvenience, Apple’s hourly staff feel helpless

Poor conditions have led to penalties for paying rent, and often to suicide. Hourly staff at Apple retail stores and support companies have introduced it. Apple is paying a $ 1,000 tax on some, employees around the world who are already complaining about payroll. Now, however, for Apple, many pay-per-view, future employees have revealed how bad conditions are working for the company.

“The Verge” speaks with 16 current and former employees of Apple retail, support and sales teams. Their big answers explain an Apple that is an accusation that is deeply rooted in the public image.

“[Apple says] Our hearts are our people, but not so with me, ”said one former employee.

“Companies make decisions based on what they think will work in stores without identifying the people who work in stores,” another said.

“There is no optimism at all,” a current official said of Apple’s observations of customer inquiries. “He always feels like he’s a troubled kid and he’s making excuses.”

The reported difference in both customers and future employees is a frequent issue with all of the employees. It extends to how employees say they feel they have no one they can talk to or complain about.

In the case of Mark Calivas, an Apple Store employee who recently committed suicide, it expands on how his manager treated him. According to The Verge, two former officials said Calivas was “a mother” by this manager, but her grievances were ignored.

“I filed three, maybe four complaints myself,” one said. “I have participated in at least six trials.”

There are also reports of how Apple treated such employees over the coronavirus outbreak. At one point, staff sent out Apple shirts as a thank-you note – only to find out that the shirts were a leak from Apple canceling WWDC 2020.

The recent announcement of a $ 1,000 donation has not been well received worldwide, either.

“I think it feels more like they don’t want to be sued for not offering risk payments after making some of us work in public last year,” a source told Verge.

The published journal is a series of shocking reports, and the leader among them in this case of the Mark Calivas suicide in September 2021. His friend Jimmy Bailey said he wanted Tim Cook to do it.

“Tim, I sent you an email about this,” he said. “What then, Tim, do you plan to do? I also saw Mark. I see it often. But even though I did see it, it was gone. ”

“We are saddened by the death of our partner and our thoughts are with his loved ones in their sad time,” an Apple spokesman told The Verge.

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