Trump’s Truth Party is the most popular on social media. Everything You Need to Know About Apple’s App Store

Since its introduction in February, the social media application has been plagued by issues. In the week that Elon Musk agreed to buy Twitter for $ 44 billion, Donald Trump’s new social media network Truth Social topped Apple’s free app charts. The deal, announced on Monday, has sparked speculation that the former US president, who has been banned from Twitter for 2021, will be able to return. On Monday, Trump told Fox News that he had no plans to return to Twitter and would instead use the True Society.

Trump has once posted on Social Media but his followers have grown. Truth Society was buggy but also released Apple charts for free applications during the week of its release in February. It fell into disrepair before returning to a place on Apple charts, past apps like Twitter and the short video service TikTok. Some people who downloaded the application were yelled at with error messages when they tried to create an account, while others were placed on a long waiting list.

Two months after its launch, True Society is struggling with problems. People are also waiting to log into the app regardless of the True Social media site to make the platform fully functional. In addition, Reuters reported in April, executives Josh Adams and Billy Boozer, who led the technology and product development at Truth Social, had left the company.

The app may have given Trump, who posted it on Twitter and Facebook last year, a new social media megaphone. However, True Social Audience is much smaller than platforms like Facebook and Twitter that have been around for years. Trump has 89 million followers on Twitter and 34 million followers on Facebook. On True Society, it has 1.7 million followers.

“What makes a True Society different !? We are an altar of social justice that is free from political discrimination,” read the app’s description. Conservative, noting that they have laws against hate speech and reducing violence.The Trump Media & Technology Group, or TMTG, which launched the Social Network, did not respond to a request for comment. SensorTower estimates Social Truth has added 1.4 million times.

Why did Trump launch his own social media application? Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter took a rare step last year to prevent Trump, the incumbent President, from resigning because his concerns would lead to more violence following the January 1 assassination. 6 Capitol Hill. Trump used these social networks to push unfounded allegations of electoral fraud after Joe Biden won the 2020 US presidential election.

When these companies stopped Trump, the former US President also lost his ability to reach millions of people. In October, TMGT announced that it would launch a new social network, called Truth Society, which will be released in the first quarter of 2022. “I created Social Truth and TMGT to stand up to the violence of Big Tech,” Trump say in a word. Press release.

Trump has reportedly complained about buggy rotation and why more people are not using the app, the Daily Beast reported in March. He also did not share anything new on the app from his first post two months ago but told Fox News on Monday that he plans to start using the app next week. The design of the app looks like a clone of Twitter. Users can create a profile that shows who they are following. You can comment, share and like posts, which are called Flowers. The app includes feeds so you can read posts from other followers. Users can also share photos, news stories and video links. There is direct messaging, black mode and efficient notifications.

“There is no better sign of speed implementation than the fact that you can not get into anyone. So I’m hard to understand why anyone would trust that these people would keep their information safe, ”Bill Fitzgerald, a private investigator, told The Washington Post.

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