Topic: iPad sales have dropped over the years – That’s because of iPadOS

Apple’s earnings report for the second quarter of the year, which ended in March, was released last week. Although Apple recently unveiled a new iPad Air with M1 CPU, Center Stage, and 5G compatibility, figures show that the iPad is losing money and experiencing a one-year sales loss. That, in my opinion, is due to the iPadOS. While Apple is “very excited” with “all-time revenue record for Services and March quarterly earnings records for iPhone, Mac, and Wearables, Home and Accessories,” the iPad continues to struggle, with revenue down 2.2 percent year over year to 7.65 billion.

While the Mac application is finally recovering after years of controversy and issues due to Intel chips and lack of optimized macOS system, the iPad feels like it is going in the same controversial way that Mac went some time ago. While no one can say the iPad setup is a bad application, he always hears that the software does not follow. While iPadOS may be great for the iPad-based model, it seems to always fall behind with the iPad mini, iPad Air, and iPad Pro models – that’s why.

iPadOS needs to be a little different for each iPad. For iPad mini, iPadOS is not advanced. Its weird part feels like users always experience 4: 3 views – like an old TV tube. While this is the best iPad to use iPhone apps – I look at you regularly, Instagram – it is surprising that Apple does not include a quality method to help users enjoy some of the iPhone apps that best on this tablet screen.

Not only that, but in this market, multitasking is not exactly what users need. However, if Apple makes a small keyboard and allows more applications to be compatible on the home screen, it will incorporate the option of multitasking for those users who are looking for it, making this iPad a good fit.

For the M1 iPad Air and iPad Pro, Apple should go the opposite way: increase multitasking capabilities since larger screens can help you do more things at once – especially when talking about 12.9-inch iPad Pro. Apple should incorporate a better “Pro” mode with more windows and apps open on the screen at the same time. Bloomberg Mark Gurman suggested three modes for the iPadOS a few weeks ago: A new option that turns on when you connect an Apple Pencil, optimization icons, controls, and user interface elements for that accessory.

With the exception of the $ 329-model iPad, all Apple tablets are expensive. Imagine paying $ 350 for a keyboard for your $ 1,599 iPad. it is a banana. Okay, one might say that the iPad models make an amazing device – and it’s true – but why add a M1 chip to a device that can’t do much exercise? With the MacBook Air starting at $ 999 and a M1 Mac mini for $ 699 (Keyboard Magic and Magic Mouse for $ 99 each), it is cheaper to get the full device with the older software to pay $ 699 for the 64GB iPad Air and $ 300 on If on Keyboard.

The problem is not the iPad is expensive – the issue here is the cost of the iPad too much and not half of what users can do on a Mac, especially when it comes to M1 Macs that can do all the work in one go . 9to5Mac has covered what Apple can improve with the upcoming iPad operating system, always wanting the “next one” will finally release the power of the Pro models. Once the company does that, who knows? iPad sales may start to grow again.

While WWDC 2022 is near the corner, what are your preferences for the next iPadOS? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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