Through the door replacement function, the Apple application returns incorrectly

I recently discovered a way to do something I did not know existed: replacing a door, if you are creating the wrong Apple app for direct exchange. In a series of speeds, My Magic Keyboard with Touch ID yesterday developed two errors. When the first key lock fails on the LED, Touch ID stops working after that. I tried Troubleshooting.

Step # 1: Turn it off and on again. At first, that cured him – but then the same thing happened again later that day. At that point I contacted Apple for a replacement.

Part of the process is not as simple as it may be, as the keyboard does not appear in my list of Apple products. I used the link to recover the missing product, and then was able to find and connect to my Apple ID. However, it still does not appear in the list, as Apple has categorized it as the MacBook Pro “part” rather than the standalone product. That means I have to tell the call center serial number before they see it.

Apple also wants me to return the wrong keyboard before sending the replacement. However, this is not my first rodeo, and I just asked to be done the other way around. The way this works is that they place an order on your card for full retail charge, then release it when the error is received.

It was at this point that the support reform offered me an option that I had never heard of before. He said that if the new keyboards are delivered via UPS, I can ask them to stay at the door while I open the box, remove the keyboard and return pocket, put the old keyboard in the box and then put that in the bag return. They will take off immediately.

The slight snag is that the agent does not have any way to recommend that the UPS will be used. In the UK, the company uses two cars, and only UPS can do that. But he said he would try, and he did succeed.

New keyboards arrived this morning, and the process went smoothly. It was exactly two minutes between the delivery driver who packed the package and I put it back with the old keyboard in it.

Therefore, it will be too late to compile some Apple products, but the driver says there is no speed.

I’m not sure what countries and transfers offer this option, but it makes the wrong Apple app back a very slicker experience, so it’s definitely worth it.

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