This little-known iPhone hack can help you master the art of DIY

I would not pretend that you all do not know this work. The measurement tool already installed on the iPhone, on the other hand, is very important to me this week, and I will use it forever as a result. That is because it is not only a hand measuring instrument, but also acts as a precise spirit level. I have been living in my new home (ish) for six months, and it is time to put the finishing touches on it. There are some potted plants for the balcony, decorative lights that connect the sage on the wall, and, finally, frames for prints and photos.

The previous owners of the site had dropped some of the handy artwork, but they were a little uncomfortable – all my frames seemed wonky against each other. And, thanks to the iPhone Ring app, which has been slowly progressing since its introduction in iOS 12, I was able to quickly decide that, yes, I live in an awesome home. A little tweaked hook later, and I’m in the vision of perpendicular accuracy. This is how it can be even. You do not need to download the Ring – it is already installed on every iPhone. But if you can’t find it, generate it from your iPhone Applications folder.

When you first open the app, it will be using your iPhone camera in its default “size” mode (more on that later), which uses real-time (AR) technology to measure objects without the need for tape. You can ignore that – instead of clicking on the small “Level” icon on the right. The app will switch to the spirit level, using the accelerometer of your device and the gyroscope sensors to determine whether or not it is on a flat surface and in perfect balance. You can use this feature in two ways. If you are looking to measure a large flat surface, you can place the iPhone on your back, you will see two white circles. Doing them together will ensure that the surface is level – the screen will turn green when that is the case.

If you are measuring something too small, turn the iPhone to your ear and place it on your face. You’ll highlight it with a more traditional spiritual level view, with a white line highlighting the exact angle that emerges. Again, aligning the surface until it is level will see the iPhone screen go green. As mentioned above, the default mode of the app is like tape size, and if not already used, it is very handy. The iPhone’s camera system and sensors are now advanced to be able to understand the depth – a key requirement of enhanced real-time (AR) interfaces. As such, the application is able to determine the distance of an object from the iPhone, and use this with relative accuracy to give you an object measurement on the screen.

The app is very good at determining the direct edges of objects (handy for measuring shelves and so on). Then you use a split system to let you draw a line between the two points you want to determine the height of. If you approach an object you are measuring from a distance, the on-screen measurement tool will become a full controller, letting you know the exact distance between the points of the object being measured.

While I will not use it for architectural purposes, as it also requires you to accurately determine the exact edges of what you are measuring, it is a great way to have a very good estimate of the length of an object in for together – in hand. , say, for while walking around IKEA and looking to figure out whether or not something will be more-or-less according to the gap in your home.

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