This is what Phantom alerts on AirTag represent

Apple has advanced some of its capabilities to strengthen the anti-stalking and privacy features of its AirTag voice trackers. This is despite the fact that AirTag starts with a more advanced system of tracking measures than comparable devices on the market. A recent study from the Wall Street Journal looks at some surprises referred to as “AirTag Phantom alarms” that “send iPhone users on wild goose chases.” When an unknown AirTag is detected near you, iOS will automatically alert you. This tells you that someone is likely following your location and allowing you to (try to) find an AirTag and, if necessary, contact law enforcement.

Today’s report, however, states that “in recent weeks, some iPhone users have started receiving alerts, often in the middle of the night, for AirTags that may not be on their way at all.” In these situations, the user who just received an alert to Find My Application says “AirTag found near you” with a map of the location of the item tracker and route. The maps on the AirTag Phantom alerts share the same process: straight red lines emanating from user mode. If an AirTag is in motion (perhaps flying?) In these ways, it will pass through the center of city streets, passing through construction areas, especially the incoming walls.

It does not matter how the issue spread, and whether or not it was something that started recently or has been controversial since AirTag started. An Apple spokesman confirmed that the company was aware of the problem: An Apple spokesman said such alerts could have been the result of an iPhone receiving local Wi-Fi signals that temporarily interrupted its location services. A major fix would be to go to Settings> Privacy> Location Services, and switch it off and on while Wi-Fi is running on the iPhone. He also said that in most areas, AirTags owned by others nearby can cause accidental unwanted alerts.

Again, Apple has done a lot to address trail and safety concerns with AirTag. With that being said, however, Our My Network appears to be one of the most buggy and unreliable aspects of the AirTag experience. We’ve heard a lot of reports of error tracking alerts and stories similar to today’s Wall Street Journal report, and all of these issues seem to be caused by Find My Network.

Apple has promised additional enhancements for AirTag and Find Me for the rest of the year. At present, there is no accurate timeline for when these changes will actually come out. One of the promised changes, however, is the “alert alert improvement” for the types of Find My Alerts. The full report from Wall Street Journal is worth reading and can be found HERE.

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