The word “Mac” refers to more than the car in the movie “Cars”

Names in Scotland are often misunderstood. Consider a family to be more of a tribal system than an inherited family. The prefixes “Mc” and “Mac” are almost identical when it comes to family names. In Scotland, “Mc” is more common. The Irish love the word “Mac.” “Mac” simply means “child of.” Celtic and Gaelic families as a single language are divided by the Irish, Scots, and Welch. To add to the confusion, many Americans were told they were Scotch-Irish. Remember how we were told last week not to call anything “Scotch” unless it is skin removal.

The term refers to families who went from Scotland to Ireland or vice versa before coming to the United States. There was a time when the British persuaded the accused Scots to move from Western Scotland to Northern Ireland. The idea was to show the Catholic Church the right way to worship. The resulting generations failed in this mission and became known as Ulster-Scots. This English communication in Irish religions has been the seed of violent conflict in Ireland for many years. There came a time when the British crown tried to break the military power of Scottish family heads. One of the ways to weaken loyalty is to ban the wearing of family tartan.

The British were too late to bring the Scots under control without much success. The Highland Scots more or less ignored the English and considered themselves independent of the crown and the government in general. Many wars are fought without a long-term goal. Britain eventually broke the family economy economically. SHEEP BECOMES A WAR! For centuries, Highland Scots was a very feudal system. Family heads provide protection for farmers who pay rent to the Lairds. The peasants called Crofters. Crofter is also obliged to Laird to fight for the family when needed. The English found a way to restore Crofter’s loyalty to the family. I’m sure you have not planned, but the English need wool for we expand their mill. They paid large sums of money to the Scots to replace the farmers with sheep and drive the Crofters out of the land.

The Lairds were rich, but lost their military advantage. There are no foot soldiers. Many of these internally displaced people come to the United States. Later, the British reduced the price of wool, and the Lairds went bankrupt and sold large tracts of land. The nature of the story is: Be careful where you point to the sheep

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