The Samsung Galaxy S22 is three times faster than the iPhone 13

According to SellCell statistics, the Samsung Galaxy S22, which was released in February, has already decreased by 47 percent. Google Pixel 6 is not far behind, having already decreased by 42 percent since its October release. The iPhone 13 is a good deal, with only 16% reduction since its release in September 2021.

Essentially, the Samsung Galaxy S22 + 5G 128GB lost about 58% of its value within two months of its launch; this is an amazing loss for users who have only had the device in a short time. While the price is similar to the iPhone, those looking to trade in the Galaxy S22 in the future will have to sell more money than those iPhone 13s. more than any. of its Android counterparts. SellCell did some research last year that showed how much the iPhone 13 essentially is Apple’s smaller iPhone capability yet.

The iPhone 13 Pro Max (128GB) is the best in the lineup because the device only has a 3.8% reduction for one in the “Like New” mode. The reduction usually starts two months after the phone launch; just as it did for the iPhone 12 and 13. SellCell also shows how an iPhone 13 in the “Like New” position lost 18.7% of its value after its first month. However, he saw some recovery as he lost 16.4% of his value after two months. Not only did the iPhone bring better value than Android, but it saw some recovery from the original loss.

Not only does the iPhone retain its value better than any other smartphone, and more of it, but it also recovers some of that original loss. Google Pixel 6 sees some of this recovery well but its losses are also bigger than iPhone. Recovery is the same as iPhone, about 2%, for smartphones in “As New” or “OK” condition. In the last few days, it has been reported that many Apple devices have lost value. The iPhone is not on that list, and it has been a few months since it lost value-in. I hope this data goes to show that if you are looking to invest in your smartphone, iPhone is a good way to go. For those who keep their phones forever and never trade in it, an Android will be better because reduction will not be important to you.

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