The new Senate size will end up being effective at Apple and Google’s retail store

Mobile software developers have long argued that the inefficient app store reduces the money that should go directly to them, because the two behemoths set up shots and get what they think is good. Yes I am. In response to these concerns, a coalition of legislators introduced a new bill this week. Once this bill is enacted, the ability to manage application purchases on Apple and Google systems will be greatly limited, changing the way mobile software is delivered.

The new bill called Open App Market LawEnshrines is a significant number of rights that can benefit tired app developers to donate 30% of their revenue to Apple and Google. The price is fully embedded below, so the companies that control the operating system must allow third-party applications and app stores.

It also prevents these companies from preventing users from informing users about the low costs for software that developers can find outside the official application store. Apple and Google also prohibit the use of “private” information collected through the platform to create competitive applications. Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT), who submitted a bipartisan license with Senator Marsha Blackburn (R), said: -TN), and Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN). Klobuchar chaired the Subcommittee Antitrust Senate, and both Blackburn and Blumental were members of the committee.

Elder Blackburn called Apple and Google app stores “a direct insult to the free and fair market,” and Senator Klobuchar said their actions were causing “serious competition concerns.” This bill is the use of information collected earlier this year by the company committee on app stores and contests. -service who say their business is negatively affected by. anti-competitive app store policy.

“… We urge Congress to enact the Open Products Act as soon as possible,” said Horacio Gutierrez, Spotify’s Chief Executive Officer, on the new bill. “In practice, Apple and other companies are expected to continue to change their rules in favor of their services, further damaging consumers, developers and the digital economy.” NS Coalition for App FairnessA development advocacy group, has praised the fund for its ability to drive innovation in the digital market. Meghan Di Muzio, CAF Executive Director, said, “The Law on the Opening of Binary Markets is a step towards making technology companies accountable for their competitive actions in the United States and around the world,” Meghan Di Muzio said. , said CAF executive director. increase.

Apple hopes to avoid future regulatory headaches Over its own costs For deals with 30% to 15% of store revenue last year and at least $ 1 million. Google followed with unparalleled control, reducing tariffs to 15% of the first $ 1 million in revenue generated by the Play Store in a year. Some major organizers of industry practices consider these changes to be mere signs of promotion.

Developers have long been dissatisfied with the high costs they pay to distribute software through two major mobile systems in the world. The battle intensified last year when Epic Games launched a court battle surrounding Apple’s payment rules and had a major impact on the mobile software world by allowing Fortnite players to pay directly to Epic. After the May trial, a verdict is scheduled for later this year.

Unlike Apple, Google allows applications to be “grouped” and installed on devices outside the Google Play Store. that the group recruitment process is a terrifying experience. for their users. This is what the company is up to when it comes to putting developers on hold to embrace the official application market.

The argument here is that the official app store makes the applications safe and convenient for the customers. Apple and Google charge a lot of money to sell mobile software through the App Store and Google Play Store, but both protect people from malware and protect users by modifying applications through these official channels. It says it downloads software updates quickly to hide dangerous security concerns. secret.

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