The new measure will make ‘AirTag chasing’ illegal

The new binary system introduced in Ohio House will allow the acquisition of other people or their property without their consent is a crime, similar to how Apple AirTag works. AirTags are Bluetooth monitoring devices that can be very useful in helping owners find lost keys or where to park their car. However, according to law enforcement, some are using the application with much more malicious intent. Heidi Moon, who was killed in Akron in January, believes it follows. He contacted an investigator, who told News 5 he had discovered an AirTag in his car.

Family believes Akron mother was stalked, emotionally abused before ex-boyfriend killed In Feb., News 5 reported on a 29-year-old West Park woman who said a machine was following her but fell off her husband before he saw it. He said he found double-sided tape under his back bumper. Apple AirTag placed ignorance on the West Park female car, tracking its location for hours. But even if someone takes such a device to the police, they may not be able to do much. “Right now, in Ohio, it’s not legal,” said Tom Patton, a Republican from Strongsville. “It’s not a sin.” Two Northeast Ohio lawmakers say as technology advances, laws need to be kept.

Democrat Emilia Sykes, a Democrat from Akron, said: “There is nothing that can be done to hold this person accountable. Lawmakers introduced House Bill 672, which would ban the installation of tracking devices on other people’s property without authorization. “As in any new electronic version, there are some bad effects to it and some bad players, detectives will come out and they will use these AirTags for human trafficking or navigation,” Patton said.

With the advancement of technology in which people can use them for not only good but evil, legislators have to adapt to such technologies to ensure that people feel safe and secure, Sykes said. Under the proposed bill, offenders may be charged with first-degree misconduct. There are some exceptions, such as in most cases with parents and adolescents, law enforcement or a caregiver for an adult. “We have to remember private and legal rights, and we do not want to oppose that,” Sykes said.

There is also a waiver for when you cancel an order automatically. For example, if a couple separates or divorces, that goal will be canceled immediately to ensure the person is safe as the relationship changes, Skyes adds. Lawmakers say both are surprised that the greenhouse exists, but Ray Ku, a law professor at Case Western Reserve University, says the language is deceptive. “Attacking someone’s body or property without their permission would be either illegal or battery in general,” Ku said. “So if I label your car, ‘I’m actually violating your car’ instead of ‘you have no real rights unless you have a secret hope.’

He explained that there was a general argument that there was no privacy prospect because the information gathered from Tag could be the same as just seeing an individual in public. “Actual recording or monitoring of a place is not and cannot necessarily be an actual offense,” Ku said, referring to current law. Specializes in legal, internet law and data privacy. The business is a good start, but you think it could grow.

Without focusing on a specific technology or approach that is relevant right now, we will be more concerned with the general idea of ​​someone managing your situation through any device – electronic or otherwise, known today or developed in the future, without your permission, ”he said. “The main idea is that we want to protect ourselves from being important or traumatized or otherwise noticeable wherever we go.”

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