The leaks designed for the iPhone 14 Pro reveal what Apple’s flagship device might look like

Multiple adjustments can lead to a completely new look. Although the release date of the iPhone 14 may be four months away, we have a general idea of ​​what the new phones will look like when they arrive. A video report from a famous Apple tracker adds more information, specifically about the iPhone 14 Pro. Everything APPPro lately YouTube video essentially replicates previous leaks and observations about many features of the iPhone 14 Pro.

Essentially, the iPhone 14 Pro is said to be selling at the renowned iPhone for dual hack design – that is a confirmed one, Everything ApplePro says in the video – and it has even thinner bezels. That would lead to a new angle radius, more compact screen and less bezel, creating what AllApplePro describes as “more of a pleasant round shape.” Finally, the removal of the beam and the reduction bezels will not add much in the way of a realistic property display. But it will create a new look of balance for the iPhone 14 Pro models that will feel different to the recent releases.

The iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max are reported to have a strong hold this year. However, the iPhone 15 could extend the dual-slot approach to all iPhone models, according to some rumors about Apple’s long-range phone devices. It is not the only front of the Pro model that will change with the release of the iPhone 14 in the fall. Previous rumors about the rear camera size on the iPhone 14 Pro have highlighted the larger design of the current iPhone 13 Pro offerings. This new video offers additional information about size increases.

To that end, the camera size of the iPhone 14 Pro is said to be 1.92 mm wide and 1.72 mm wide. Each camera lens will also stand a little longer – 0.77 mm, according to this report. None of this looks like much of a change on paper, but visually, it is a much larger rectangle that is obviously larger than what you will see on the iPhone 13 Pro. The big pop is designed to get great cameras on the iPhone 14 Pro. Essentially, Pro models are rumored to get a 48MP camera, an upgrade from the first 12MP lens on current iPhones. To achieve that megapixel resolution, Apple says it uses pixel binning, which combines four pixels into one. The end result will be smaller pixels than what you get on the iPhone 13 Pro, which Apple will have to deal with if it does not want to sacrifice the quality of low light photos (which benefits from larger pixels allowing more data access open).

Rumors in the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max as more exciting updates are coming this fall. The standard iPhone 14 is expected to have a lot in common with current Apple phones, right down to the A15 chipset it uses. The iPhone 13 mini is expected to make way for a larger iPhone 14 Pro Max, however. Everything ApplePro also mentions the possibility of an iPhone which joined the Pro lineup in the fall, a rumor called “sketchy” at this point. If it comes out, it will mark a comeback for this, as Apple released the purple model of the iPhone 12 last spring as an addition to the existing phone lineup. There are a lot of rumors flying around so be sure to check out our iPhone 14 port for all new leaks and our dedicated iPhone 14 Pro port for all the biggest upgrades to expect.

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