The iconic watches behind the five faces of Apple Watch: 9to5Mac

If you’ve ever wondered what inspired the Apple Watch face design, Carrot Fertility co-founder Arun Venkatesan has put together a really cool look at the iconic watches behind them …

The blog post examines five of the models.

Analog faces reveal what Apple does so well: take the familiar and make it your own. Over the years, they have released some faces with roots in history. Each started as an iconic watch archetype and was remade to take advantage of the Apple Watch platform […]

Immerse yourself in five Apple Watch faces: California, Chronograph, Chronograph Pro, Count Up and GMT.

For example, Apple’s Count Up dial is inspired by diving watches, of which the Rolex Submariner (Ref. 6204) is the best known example.

In 1953, Rolex set new records by tying its Deep Sea watch to the outside of the Trieste submarine, which took it into the ocean at a depth of 3,150 meters and returned unharmed […]

The following year at the Basel Watch Fair, Rolex unveiled the Submariner, easily the most famous of all diving watches. It features large indexes, the high visibility hands we have previously seen in “bubble back” Rolex watches and an extendable bracelet that allowed it to be worn over a wetsuit[15]. The rest is history […]

The Count Up dial is a descendant of great diving watches like the original Submariner. Its bezel is almost identical. The dial is simplified with a uniform series of circular hour markers.

Tapping the watch face rotates the bezel clockwise to meet the triangle with the minute hand, revealing a start button. By tapping the dial again, the bezel returns to zero counterclockwise. This behavior is slightly different than the Submariner, where the bezel only turns counterclockwise. This constraint is a safety measure to ensure that the dive time is shortened only if the bezel is hit.

Monochrome has more on the Submariner.

This is the Ref. 6204, the first Rolex model to have the word “Submariner” on the dial. A single line of text, printed above 6 o’clock, would change the entire course of sports watch history […]

The arrangement of the dial is immediately familiar: inverted triangle at 12 o’clock; stick-shaped indexes at 3, 6 and 9 o’clock; and the point indicators for the remaining hours. Around the periphery is a ring of chapters for running minutes and seconds.

Eagle-eyed observers will also notice the absence of Rolex’s now iconic “Mercedes” sports hands. Instead, the Ref. 6204 features thin pencil-shaped hands. And the latter have a lollipop on the tip. Framing the dial is a rotating bezel with a black insert. You will notice that there are no smaller graduations (hashes) for minutes between 0 and 15 which would become standard in later models.

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Rolex Submariner Photo: Monochrome

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