The family said an unknown Apple AirTag followed them around Disney World for hours

For a Central Tennessee family, the most amazing situation on Earth quickly became the end of a terrible journey. Madison, 17-year-old daughter of Jennifer Gaston, received a message that an Apple AirTag was traveling with her as they boarded their car after a full day of fun at the Magic Kingdom. “I have no idea what AirTag is, I have no idea.” “Like, I have no idea,” Jennifer admitted. “He said he was first identified with him at 7:09 p.m., and the message was received around 11:33 p.m.,” he said. Madison selected it and presented it with a map depicting all the places they had visited in the last four hours.

Map outlining where the Gaston family traveled, based on AirTag. “It shows the end of the first trip where you found it, then you draw a line and make connections of places where you are,” Jennifer said. “I have seen videos of other people warning people about them and what they are basically. So that’s how I know what they are and I don’t ignore that information, ”Madison said. The Gaston family shook all their bags and clothes in the Disney World car park, jumped into their truck, and drove back to their hotel without finding an AirTag. They called the police on the way.

“As a parent, I just get really angry at this point,” Jennifer said. “To think that someone has those thoughts. Watching your girls and just having those thoughts, is just awesome. ” The Tennessee Research Center says it has assisted local departments here in the Voluntary State with similar investigations. If you find an AirTag on your own or in your belongings, TBI recommends that you turn to law enforcement. The police should be able to track the serial number and possibly trace it back to the owner.

Madison says: “It made me nervous because I saw some videos on it, but it is one of those things that you never thought would happen to you until then. Mothers and daughters want to warn others to get to know their community and educate themselves on this new technology. “Of course do your research and find out what these are. Have good settings on your phone that if you have an AirTag you end up with to make sure your phone will detect, ”Jennifer said.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office in Florida said as long as the family did not find the AirTag physically, the respondent did not identify the offender. But investigators brought an incident report and knew the situation. OCSO says it is possible, for thousands of Apple products in and around a theme park an Air Tag notification could be “wrong.”

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