The duopoly of Apple and Google put an end to competition and selection

The UK Competition Authority (Integration and Product Administration) announced today that it will launch an official study into the mobile ecosystem, indicating the effective Apple and Google duopoly. The group will look into iOS and Android’s dominance, as well as their control over the App Store and Google Play Store, as well as Safari and Chrome.

In March, the CMA announced a specific investigation into whether Apple’s store rules were favoring itself unfairly and hurting third-party advertisers. The CMA said customers could be lost across many areas. The app stores are described as gateways to many markets including music, TV and video streaming, fitness services, shopping and banking. Influences on secondary products such as smart speakers, smart watches, and smart home technology are also included.

The study seeks evidence of reduced innovation in these sectors due to Apple and Google behavior and market power. The results of the study will be published within a year.

This is part of a new staff to announce investigations into Apple and Google’s unprofessional practice, as ‘Big Tech’ becomes a target for all policy makers around the world. One of the highest profile judgments so far is a preliminary ruling by the European Commission that Apple has ordered a 30% cut of In-App Purchases unfairly reducing competition in music streaming.

The increased technology-focused competition and Product Manager opened a 12-month product survey to broader areas of iOS and Android systems, stating that it fears companies ’potential is competitive.

UK competition leaders are turning to Apple and Google smartphone systems, app stores and browsers, over concerns that control of “ecosystems” by two technology giants is hurting consumers. Competition and Product Manager on Tuesday opened market research for Apple’s iOS, App Store and Safari browser and Google’s Android, Play Store and Chrome browser.

The study adds to the individual investigations of the director into both technical giants. “Our ongoing work into great technology has unleashed some worrying trends and we know that customers and businesses can be harmed if they are not taken care of,” CMA President Andrea Coscelli said in a statement. The CMA uses market surveys to gather information prior to upgrading trials. The mobile review comes as the UK watchdog seeks to move forward with the technological process after emerging from the shadow of European Union regulators at the end of the Brexit transition.

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