The best mobile SSDs for iPad Pro compared

With USB-C on the iPad Pro, comes the possibility of connecting external storage. Appleiphonestop compares our top picks to the best portable SSDs for iPad Pro, all with a small form factor, performance and durability.

Apple continues to expand the iPad, advance hardware, and provide software updates that deliver new and productive functionality. Pairing a portable SSD with the Apple iPad Pro can help you go one step further.

With recent updates to iPadOS, Apple has enabled access to external storage from Files as well as third-party applications that use iPad storage.

It is now possible to edit 4K videos from an external SSD or to modify your library of RAW photos of considerable size from this additional storage. And it goes beyond the basics of file storage, content sharing and much more.

As dedicated iPad Pro users, we’ve been looking for the best mobile SSDs for our tablets to help you get the job done. We specifically focus on SSDs which are all USB-C and exceptionally compact, perfect for pairing with a tablet.

An external drive showing the Files application

Of all the SSDs we consider ideal companions for our iPad Pro, we divide them into two groups: the ultra-robust and elegant. That’s not to say that durable SSDs aren’t great, they just prioritize it over others.

Rugged iPad Pro SSD

CalDigit Tuff Nano

Kicking off is the CalDigit Tuff Nano. This tiny workout has a solid aluminum body and is wrapped in a colorful silicone bumper (and ID). This bumper not only allows you to have several of these discs that can be easily distinguished from each other, but adds additional protection against drops from other metal discs in the range.

CalDigit Tuff Nano

CalDigit Tuff Nano

We picked up a few and we come back to it over and over again for this small size, durable design and color coding. With the different colors, we can easily distinguish between our video scratch SSD, our photo library and our backup for our Mac.

These guys have an IPX8 water resistant USB-C port which is also dust protected with a silicone dust cover. It sports a maximum transfer speed of 1055 megabytes per second. They come in capacities of 512 GB and 1 TB.

Glyph Atom SSD

Another great rugged option is the Glyph Atom RAID SSD. It also has a metallic body wrapped in silicone, although it is much larger and heavier than the Tuff Nano.

Inside, it has two SSD modules configured in a hardware RAID for a single volume when connected to your machine. But these two modules in a RAID 5 configuration allow writing to the two SSDs at the same time, thus doubling its speed. This gives maximum speeds of 950 megabytes per second.

It is available in capacities of 500 GB, 1 TB, 2 TB and 4 TB.

For those looking for more, there is also the Glyph Atom SSD Pro. This new version of this player has speeds of 2800 megabytes per second and 2600 megabytes per second.

GDrive mobile SSD

To complete our robust category, the GDrive mobile SSD. Available in 500 GB, 1 TB and 2 TB sizes, this drive is the only drive specifically rated and tested for crush resistance. It is able to withstand 1000 pounds of pressure without breaking down.

GDrive mobile SSD

GDrive mobile SSD

In addition, it has IP67 water and dust resistance and can withstand drops of up to three meters, making it even more durable. This is due to its multi-layered design. It has a mat exterior with a bright blue aluminum core. It is both protective and very elegant to look at.

For speed, it can reach 560 megabytes per second, which puts it below our first hard drives, but it’s still fast as an SSD. Many may prefer its extreme durability for its reduced speeds.

Stylish, fast and unique iPad Pro SSDs

Samsung T7 and T7 Touch

Samsung and its range of T-drives are one of the most important names for SSDs. New this year, the T7 and the T7 Touch.

Samsung T7 Touch

Samsung T7 Touch

These discs retain a lot of style like the previous generations, which are an extruded aluminum shell with plastic caps at each end and often many elegant colors.

The T7 Touch version differs by offering a fingerprint sensor on the reader itself to protect its content. For sensitive documents, it offers great protection with the password-protected iPad Pro and the reader itself protected by biometrics.

If additional security is not required, there is the standard T7 which is always faster than the previous generation T5. The T7 and T7 Touch are capable of obtaining write speeds of 1050 megabytes per second and 1000 megabytes per second.

Samsung t5

If you don’t need T7 line speed, the now replaced T5 is a great option.

Samsung T5 in red

Samsung T5 in red

The T5 is available in sizes 250 GB, 500 GB, 1 TB and 2 TB and a multitude of different colors. They still have the same aluminum body but a slightly different size from the T7.

Instead of the more than 1000 megabytes per second on the T7 line, the T5 has reached a maximum of 540 megabytes per second, which is even more than acceptable.

RAVPower mobile SSD

New to the market, RAVPower is out with its new mobile SSD. This one has a unique shape unlike all the others on our list. Instead of being short and stocky, the RAVPower Mobile SSD is long and very thin.


RAVPower mobile SSD

It has a zinc alloy casing with a baked surface similar to a piano, similar to a ceramic, which facilitates the cooling of the other. The piano-like surface is dark gray to black with tiny reflective ps inside. It looks fantastic.

It is available in 512 GB and 1 TB and can reach 540 megabytes per second for its maximum transfer speed.

LaCie Mobile SSD

LaCie Mobile SSD

LaCie Mobile SSD

Next we have the LaCie Mobile SSD. This unique participant is very flat and wide, made entirely of aluminum. It has diamond cut edges for a unique look like no other. The space gray option of the bouquet is an Apple Store exclusive that perfectly matches the iPad Pro with darker shades.

It is the most design of the group, undoubtedly catching the eye. It is available in capacities of 500 GB, 1 TB and 2 TB with speeds of up to 540 megabytes per second. You can collect it from Apple.

No more work

This list includes the best of the best, offering protective discs that are durable, reliable, small and extremely fast. Certainly, there is something on this list of records that we like, which will suit without breaking the bank.

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