The 6 best accessibility features of iOS 14

He is a very rare person who lives an extremely healthy and unhindered life before suddenly dying without ever needing accessibility features. This could include subtitles, zooming, or an easier way to achieve something.

If you need these things yourself or someone in your life might find them useful, there are a ton of really cool accessibility features built into the iPhone and iPad in iOS 14 that you should know.

In no particular order, this is six of the best.

IOS 14 headphone accommodations

If you listen to most of your music and podcasts using headphones with an H1 chip (2nd Generation AirPods, AirPod Pro, some Beats), you can set headphone accommodations which can help make voices and music clearer, to depending on the frequencies you have lost.

Everyone loses higher frequencies as they get older, and as this progresses it becomes harder to understand what people are saying and you start missing out on large sections of music.

Headphone accommodations make …

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