Spotlight is Apple’s search engine, and it is starting to look like Google

Spotlight Search in iOS and iPadOS 15 betas now returns rich results as well as online search results. Apple Spreadsheets is likely to sink into the Google search engine segment due to requests skipping the Google search engine altogether. Coywolf News reported in August 2020 that Apple was showing signs of preparing to create a search engine. Two months later, the Department of Justice filed a lawsuit against Google, which ruled out suspicions about an Apple search engine.

At the time, I suggested that an Apple search engine could be tightly integrated into the operating system and native applications that Spotlight searches could slowly raise questions that would otherwise be done on Google. A year later, it became clear to me that Spotlight was Apple’s search engine, and that it was in a good position to start receiving market share and ad revenue from Google Search. Spotlight represents a worldwide search engine that is fully integrated with the operating system. It is similar to Android and the Windows search box, except that Apple did not force it into a interface like Google and Microsoft did. Instead, the user swipe from the center of the screen to let it appear on iOS and iPadOS or click on the menu bar icon or press a keyboard shortcut (⌘-Space bar) on macOS.

Spotlight is the primary use to highlight local results, such as contacts, files, and applications. However, over time you have come to have more and more web results. Thus, as Juli Clover, Senior Editor at MacRumors discovered, Spotlight in iOS and iPadOS 15 beta has rich search results and web search results similar to Google search results. Rich film results and image search results in iPadOS 15 beta The direct comparison of Google search results in Spotlight shows that Apple has created a major competitor to Google search. And according to Neeva, it is free, private, and provides personalized results for local and cloud-based files.

If Apple can provide a better experience than Google Search, and users change their search behavior to prefer using Spotlight, it could lead to a significant reduction in searches on Google in the future. New Spotlight features are expected to be launched with iOS 15 and macOS 12 (Monterey) in Autumn 2021. If you like web technology and marketing news, with occasional random items, then this is the newsletter for she. No ads. There are no sponsors. No spam. Only interesting and historical time. Remove subscription anytime.

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