Smarter than charging Apple’s optimized battery: Chargie

To bring the same benefits to other high-powered battery products, Chargie is a device that aims to be even smarter than Apple’s Optimized Battery Charging. It has since shifted its intelligent battery management system to AirPods and Macs – but now more is possible, Apple is starting to introduce smarter charging features from iOS 13.

Device charging problem

IPhones, iPads, Macs and many other devices use lithium-ion batteries. The advantage of li-ion is that it is very effective, packing a lot of energy into a small space. The downside is that these batteries require charge-careful control to give them the longest possible life.

Lithium-ion batteries can be damaged in one of two ways. The first is completely depleting them. If you constantly charge the battery to zero power, that will significantly increase your life.

The second is about storing them 100% for a long time – which is something that will easily happen if a device is in charge for extended periods of time.

Battery charging optimization

iOS 13 introduces an Optimal Battery Charging feature designed to address this problem.

This is enabled by default. The iPhone learns your daily routine and predicts how long the iPhone will be on the charger when you sleep at night. After a few weeks, you will learn that you always wake up and take the iPhone off charge at 8 AM, for example.

With daily behavior prediction, Optimized Battery Charging prevents your phone from fully charging to 100% once plugged in. Instead, the iPhone battery will charge up to 80%. This means it will stay around 80% for most nights, even though it is connected to the charger all the time. Before 8 AM, the iPhone will finish charging and should hit 100% just as it was removed from the charger to go with your day.

While this is a great start, it is a complete workout process, without any hassle. It works fine if you have a regular schedule, even if you charge your phone at night, but that is not the case for everyone. Some people have their phone charged at their desk, for example, taking with them for internal or external meetings on a flexible schedule.

This is where Chargie came in.

Chargie lets any phone charger be a smart charger

Chargie is a small device that fits between your charger brick and charger cable.

You connect via Bluetooth to an application on your phone. Then you can set the percentage you want to charge manually, just like the feature offered in high-powered cars like Teslas.

Or you can set your device to be topped up manually, at a time you know exactly. For example, you can keep your phone at 50% overnight (preferably for the battery) and move up to 90% or any level you find suitable for the next day, so avoid high charging states and use of two- step charging process. Even if you need 100%, it is better to do it this way than to keep it in charge at that level for the whole night.

Chargie as PD power limiter

Because the new PD chargers can output 65 watts of power instantly it is possible to keep your phone constantly warm during the charging process and cause internal damage to the battery over time. Also, the current is reduced when the battery is hot. The new Chargie C base (for phones) comes with your PD charger telling you to charge your horses for only 8 hours, so that your battery is not hot and the time it takes to charge will not be delayed by too much compared to high-capacity charging, just because the process will not be throttled by iOS due to overheating.

Chargie for Mac

Ovidiu Sandru, founder and co-founder of the Chargie project, said they are also working on a Chargie MacBook version that will convert up to 100 watts of power and protect your expensive laptop battery in the same way you do for phones. The stand line will be made larger on this one, so recommend your seat as soon as possible. If you prefer Chargie C for Laptop, there is a $ 10 reservation fee per order (no refund, deduction at the time of order with a coupon), with deliveries to start sometime in March. The final price is estimated at $ 45. Your MacBook battery deserves the best protection you can get, especially if you let it freeze every day.

All Battery Protection

Not only can you protect smartphone batteries with this application, but all kinds of other “wall” devices you can have: flashlights, older GPS drivers, Bluetooth speakers, wireless headsets, smartwatches, and more . Most of them have no smart charging limits at all and can spend days or even weeks with 100% rechargeable batteries, which leads to very low battery life. Chargie can also be used with basic lithium-ion materials created by hobbyists and practitioners.

Chargie protects the environment, as well as your wallet By reducing the battery life of your battery, Chargie saves you the hassle and expense of replacing it soon.

That’s not just money for you, though – it also helps the community. Batteries use rare minerals that need to be mined, and also create an e-waste problem when it is time to dispose of them. Chargie reduces or eliminates battery changes, so be kind to the world.

Chargie is also productive in an environmentally responsible way. The process is uncontrollable, and both circuits and contacts are gold-plated to protect against oxidisation, prolonging the life of the device itself and your smartphone.

Chargie is inexpensive

Chargie A is only $ 29.99, and can be used with any existing chargers and charging cables. It is compatible with any USB-A charger, with the latest USB-C feature available here.

Use code ‘chargieforios’ for a 10% discount, only this week! Bulk purchases are also available at great prices for one, which makes Chargie the perfect Christmas gift for your favorite Apple devices.

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