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Okyo Games and Plug In Digital Publishing released Neon Beats on iOS after a successful PC release with a 96% positive review rate.

It’s an elegant combination of platform music and gameplay that exists within a 2D setting. You enter an abstract world to embody a cube that moves along a white line. The catchy music starts playing along with brightly colored neon lights and you have to jump and swing around the world to the accelerated beat of the beat.

Watch the trailer above for more informationon on the game. The deeper you advance in the level, the harder the challenge becomes.

With nine different levels to play on, each with their own music, it’s a fair amount of content to play on. In addition, there are also hidden collectibles to find within the levels, which add new instruments to the music, and a scoring system that counts your time, collectibles and death toll to give you a final ranking.

“The enthusiasm for Neon Beats was …

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