Should Rockstar be working on porting GTA 4 and 5 to Android and iOS this year?

There are some games in the industry that can appeal to audiences just like the GTA franchise as they have had the same success across all platforms including consoles and the PC. Still, it’s been a while since Rockstar Games focused its efforts on handheld consoles.

In the past, games like GTA Vice City Stories and Chinatown Wars have been hugely successful on portable consoles like PlayStation Portable. In 2021, however, handheld consoles took on a different form.

In many ways, mobile gaming has taken over space once held by handheld consoles and makes gaming devices perfectly legitimate and capable. So, it makes absolutely sense for Rockstar to bring some of their most iconic and latest games from the GTA franchise to mobile, right? Well yes and no.

Rockstar brings GTA 4 and 5 to Android and iOS

In recent years, Rockstar Games has successfully brought many games from the GTA franchise to mobile phones.

The games have had moderate to massive success on the platform, and much of that success is pure nostalgia to be able to play the classics of yesteryear.

Games like GTA San Andreas and Vice City, while not necessarily ancient relics, are over ten and a half years old at this point, and “classic” fits those titles perfectly.

Therefore, nostalgia plays a lot into the appeal of gaming on mobile devices, and many bugs and annoyances can be attributed to the age of the game and hardware limitations.

On the other hand, games like GTA 4 and 5 pose an abnormally huge challenge for any studio. Rockstar usually delegates porting to smaller studios, and projects like San Andreas, Vice City, and Chinatown Wars are just the right size.

The last two games in the series, especially GTA 5, can be extremely tiring to transfer to mobile devices. The compromise, therefore, would mean creating a lighter and less sophisticated version of the game on mobile devices.

While it would initially be appreciated, many will choose not to opt for a lower version of the game. Seeing that nostalgia still wouldn’t be a huge factor and the novelty of playing a console game on mobile would be lost as it would be an inferior version of the game.

Therefore, instead of porting to existing games, perhaps a new GTA experience tailored for portable devices like mobiles could be on the cards.

Published January 22, 2021 10:55 am IST


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