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Apple’s new all-powerful bespoke silicone desktop desktop, eclipsing Apple’s entry-level M1-based Mac mini, which debuted in November 2020. Do you need a new high-end Mac, or basic Mac mini? is appropriate for your needs? The Mac game starts at $ 1,999, reducing the starting price of the $ 699 Mac mini based on Apple minerals, so you need a new high-end Mac, or a modest Mac mini enough for your needs? Our guide will help you decide which of these two desktop Macs is best suited for you.

Comparison of Mac mini and Mac Studio. ‌Mac mini‌ and ‌Mac Studio‌ share some basic features, including a silver aluminum frame, Apple Minerals, and two USB-A back ports. Apple lists the same versions of the two devices. Although these Macs share some features, the two devices are much more diverse than they do in general, with different chips, memory capacities, ports, and external display capabilities.

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You should only plan ‌Mac Studio‌ if you have a professional running that can use the great power of M1 Max or ‌M1‌ Ultra, and a wide selection of large ports. If you need ‌Mac Studio‌, you probably know that you are looking for a very powerful device that is capable of supporting hard work flow.

For some performance streams, the ability to upgrade the ‌Mac mini‌ to 16GB of memory, up to 2TB of storage, and 10Gb Ethernet can make it a very powerful device. This may be a good option for professionals or “marketers” who have specific needs or may not spend ‌Mac Studio‌. However, ‌Mac Studio‌ has great potential, making it the best long-term option if you can afford it.

For many users, ‌M1‌Mac mini‌ is also a powerful and versatile device that can handle all but the most powerful functions. It also has useful ports such as USB-A and Ethernet, which are not available from Apple laptops, and boasts excellent performance beyond the ‌M1‌ MacBook Air or M1‌ MacBook Pro.

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