See Next as the iPhone Correction feature is Trolled on Reddit

On our cell phones, have we started to rely too much on the automatic repair option? Our fast lives can be the reason behind it if the answer is yes. With a system of nuances and worries, this addiction to exercise options is available. For our phones, a Reddit cable has recently discussed the various ways in which automation has allowed us to get down.

The interview begins with the question, “Am I the only one or am I doing a bad workout on iPhones?” The user complains, “Only recently (within the last 5 months) the exercise regimen seems to be getting worse as time goes on. Am I cheating or do other people experience the same thing? ”

Other Reddit users answered this question with their own complaints. Some say that the repair feature overlooks errors and continues without fixing them. One user wrote, “My main concern is changing the text you typed regularly.”

Another has a specific problem and explains it, “About 90 percent of the time I try to type ‘well’ it corrects the exercise to ‘we’ ‘itself.

This user complained that the iPhone keypad frequently corrected three letter words to “those who do not understand the word.” Many have agreed to this complaint.

One user wrote that your iPhone always changes “and” to “abs” and is often changed after a person has finished typing a word. This made it difficult for him to identify the statement.

This user struggles with words like “di” and “eat” which translate to “stuvk” and “oat,” respectively.

IPhone bug fixes have also led to embarrassing situations for many people. One user mentioned “it changes the name of my friends to my exes.”

It is not just the alphabets that bother people. Users have also faced problems while entering numbers. This is an example where “50” is often changed to “5-0” for no apparent reason.

Few users can get rid of all that hassle and turn off the redesigned feature.

The exercise reform, which is designed to help people care less about their pressure, has somehow given them more reason to talk about unwritten words.