Samsung dances to Apple’s beat again and it’s getting boring

Doesn’t she seem bored?

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Whenever one of the two big cell phone makers comes up with a phone, I want to hear something.

more technically incorrect

No, not during the launch choreographic show, but in the following days.

Those are the days when the best creative brains in companies run ads to thrill the whole world. Or, at least, the set of their respective ecosystems.

So here we are looking at the Samsung Galaxy S21s and I held my breath again. On Thursday, I released it quietly, as Samsung released its, um, exciting S21 announcement.

Samsung’s big idea to get you running to the S21 Ultra is, oh, an ad showing two women dancing. Yes it is that.

The big idea? That the ad was shot over the phone. Yes it is that.

I’m afraid you may be afraid you have seen this before. Yes, that’s what I feel.

Already in 2015, Apple launched the “Shot On iPhone 6” campaign, an idea that is it has since been intimately associated with the brand.

More than a year later, Samsung conceived the revolutionary “Captured on Galaxy S7”. Why who wouldn’t rather be captured than shot?

But wait, Samsung has developed its latest campaign with highly lateral thinking.

This new campaign is called “Filmed #withGalaxy”.

Not only was the capture filmed, but the hashtag was carefully entered to make you understand: what’s the word? – share it and all the artistic things you do with your S21.

Please forgive me for regaining Los Lobos, but is that all?

The only thing that could convince someone to get an S21 is the ability to shoot adorable videos? (Will we discuss if this video is really adorable one more time?)

It’s odd that Samsung seems to have gotten a little boring, even the littlest lazy.

There were times when the company drove Apple by the nose as well made you smell what it’s like to be ahead.

Still, even though Samsung has launched into innovations like the foldable phone, it has lately failed to make its brand feel like the one you need to join.

When your products look great, but don’t generate the painful envy of iPhone owners, you might think about having your whole brand represented for something more, to get people more involved.

Maybe the company thinks it can get its share of Android faithful and that’s enough, for now, thanks.

It is worth asking, though, what the Samsung brand stands for these days. Apple still occasionally creates products that seem to quickly become eerily ubiquitous, such as the still ugly AirPods. It strengthens it with a strong message of humanity and above all of privacy. (Excluding China.)

But with Cupertino often bordering on the top and self-righteous, it’s a good opportunity for Samsung to be the aggressive, insightful and witty underdog.

But what is Samsung, at least in the US? A little bit of poor performance? A company that (probably) makes the most beautiful Android phones? But a revolutionary? How about a company that regularly captures the emotions of young people?

Maybe not, as over 80% of teens say their next phone will be an iPhone.

So is Samsung just dancing, playing a nice tune and hoping you like it?


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