Recent iPhone 7 News: Demand for iPhone 7 in China is declining

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus finally appeared after months of speculation. Apple unveiled a number of new features for its next flagship smartphone at an launch event in San Francisco, confirming several rumors in the process. The iPhone 7 will have a smart home button that captures haptic results to give users an alert while typing, similar to the technology found in the new MacBook laptops. Another long-running rumor has it: the iPhone 7 will no longer have a headphone jacket.

Instead, smartphones will be paired with EarPods connected via Light Port. Users will also be able to connect traditional headsets, although, as the adapter is also provided in the box. Wireless AirPods will also be available from Apple at an additional cost. These provide five hours of listening time from each charge and allow the user to interact with Siri through two microphones.

The cameras also receive upgrades, providing more detailed images and advanced colors. The 4.7-inch model sports a new 12MP sensor and an advanced 7MP front-facing camera. The rear camera’s performance is also significantly better than that of the iPhone 6S, with the wide-angle lens allowing 50 percent more light. It is also 60 percent faster and 30 percent more energy efficient. The iPhone 7 Plus 5.5-inch features a 12MP dual camera setup, with a wide-angle lens and a telephoto lens and provides highly enhanced performance.

Both devices have the capability of 4K video recording. In terms of hands-free design, the iPhone 7 does not burn much longer than its predecessor. Apple has, however, added two new colors to the range: matte black and glossy black. Receive a free daily newsletter from IT Pro, delivering the latest news, reviews, insights and case studies. Despite confirming previous rumors, the antenna groups have moved from the back of the device – instead of being in position with the edges. Apple also said that the battery life on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will be better yet – providing an estimated two hours more charge than the iPhone 6s and an hour longer than the 6S Plus.

The report says that the new phone will use “Touch Force” technology and the car inside the device to compare the effect of a weak key. 9 to 5 Mac also reports that the new Home button “will provide security response” which will indicate to the user that the key has been pressed. The website also raised the issue that the redesigned button would require Apple to introduce a new way of resetting the iPhone. Users now have the opportunity to restart their device by holding down the Home button simultaneously with the power key. This may not be possible without physical selection.

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