Providing Business Communications can be a big business for Apple

As the stock market concludes quickly this week amid renewal inflationary jitters Apple Inc.’s (AAPL market has been under pressure for some time).

Concerns over economic downturn and ongoing supply chain challenges have weighed heavily on Apple’s market.

Meanwhile, Apple demonstrates subscription to Business Communications focused on small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs, a move that could give its services business a long-term jolt I am bullish on Apple stock.

The announcement of Business Communications does not offer promotion to the AAPL market. Instead, approaching medium-term stress seems to define the market path rather than promising new growth paths. In addition, the publication of Business Communications, while surprisingly small, is not relevant to your average Apple customer.

However, the Business Communications section could allow Apple to get a foothold in the door of a high-growth product often dominated by the favorites of its long-time rival, Microsoft (MSFT).

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Right now, Apple is going for a small corner of the market. Many creative companies and technology startups that favor Macs and iPads on PCs and Android devices can of course appreciate the time and cost savings of Apple’s IT solution, which includes 24/7 support, device management, service and cloud storage.

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