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Gaming monitors, Marshall Bluetooth speakers, and other accessories are on sale iPhone 11 Pro, OnePlus 8T, Galaxy S21 and other phones on sale today Looking for gaming peripherals? There are a ton of Razer offers available right now.And yes, we end the week, as we end each week, with offers, and it actually starts with the ones you shouldn’t let go. The Galaxy S21, S21 +, the Ultra and all the products we received from Unpacked are still available for pre-orders with huge savings. For example, if you get the Galaxy S21 it’s available for just $ 99 and the S21 + for $ 299, if you have a trade-in eligible device and you also get $ 100 or $ 150 in instant accessory credit and 6 months of Spotify respectively. . In the case of the S21 Ultra, that’s available for just $ 499, with up to $ 200 instant credit, a smart tag, and 4 months of YouTube Premium. I know, it’s crazy. If you’re looking to protect your new galaxy, SUPCASE is still our preferred choice for rugged cases, and we’ll leave the links for both Amazon and SUPCASE.com. Where you can use the code POCKETNOW15 to get a 15% discount. If you want an older device, the S20 FE is available for $ 350, while the Z Fold 2 is still available for $ 1000 if you have a trade-in device. If you’re looking for an iPhone, Verizon currently has 11 Pros for $ 400, leaving it at $ 599 with an installment plan. The OnePlus 8T is available on a buy-one-get-two deal with a 50% discount, which means you can get two entry level models for $ 1124. Finally, the Google Pixel 3 XL is available for just $ 300 in B&H, if you want one. great camera. We have more deals on Razer peripherals, LG smartphones and more.

Honor could launch smartphones with Google Mobile Services Let’s move on to Honor, and a positive note for a change after all the mess that 2020 has been for them. Recently, Huawei announced the sale of the Honor brand due to the “tremendous pressure” of sanctions imposed by the United States. Well, a new report from a Russian publication claims that Google’s mobile services could return to Honor devices, as they are no longer a Huawei subsidiary and the penalties imposed on Huawei do not apply. The report says GMS could return to Honor smartphones this spring and the company would be working on two new lineups with support for GMS. This means that new devices launched by Honor will no longer have Huawei’s App Gallery pre-installed, but older devices will still not have access to GMS. They are currently preparing the Honor V40 which will debut on January 22 but, most likely, this will not support Google services. It is said to carry MediaTek Dimensity 1000+, 8GB of RAM and 128GB with Android 10 running on Magic UI 4.0. We’ll see how it evolves, this is a bit huge for other markets like Latin America now that Google services are back. LG’s smartphone business could be entrusted to a Vietnamese manufacturer LG’s new rollable smartphone could be canceled ahead of its possible launch Switching to LG and more than negative news, rumors of the company selling their mobile division just got worse . In the latest Pocketnow Daily we talked about how the company could sell or scale its smartphone division due to losses over the years. Well, a new report claims that LG Electronics may want to sell their smartphone business to the Vietnamese conglomerate, Vingroup Co. This company is actually an ODM for LG and has been making smartphones for them since 2018, being the third largest manufacturer in Vietnam after. Samsung and OPPO. This company has a market capitalization of $ 16.5 billion and reportedly wants LG’s business in the US, as it owns 12.9% of the market on this side of the pond. Moving on to another report, at CES LG shared some teasers of their rollable smartphone that was due to debut in September. However, the Korea Herald reports that LG may pull the plug from the Rollable. The cause is that the Wing has sold less than 100,000 units since its launch, being considered a financial failure. And now, insiders doubt the Rollable will hit the market, due to the high price. They claim that even if he got past the Wing, it might not be enough to keep the entire division alive. Hopefully, LG manages to turn things around because they don’t make the best smartphones, but they pioneered a lot of what we see today, and now their more experimental phones are great to see too. It is rumored once again that the iPhone 13 will sport a smaller, updated camera for the Pro models.I feel like we hear a lot of rumors every year about what we’re getting with the next iPhones and half of them won’t happen but this year seems so consistent. According to a new report from DigiTimes, there will be a lot of rumors we’ve heard about. First of all they mention that the notch will get smaller thanks to a redesign of Face ID. However, they claim that it will only shrink vertically while maintaining the same width. The report also adds that the smaller iPhones, namely the 13 and 13 mini, will be equipped with superior CMOS image sensors, the ones we currently have on the 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max. These sensors will reportedly be supplied by Sony and Apple will continue to use the same 7-element system that we currently have. Finally, the report also reiterates the fact that the entire iPhone 13 family will bring sensor-shift image stabilization that is currently exclusive to the 12 Pro Max. So once again, 2021 sounds like an S year for iPhones. . The cause is that the Wing has sold less than 100,000 units since its launch, being considered a financial failure. And now, insiders doubt the Rollable will hit the market, due to the high price. They claim that even if he got past the Wing, it might not be enough to keep the entire division alive. Hopefully, LG manages to turn things around because they don’t make the best smartphones, but they pioneered a lot of what we see today, and now their more experimental phones are great to see too. Samsung may be preparing to launch a cheaper Galaxy S21 4G. You know, it’s funny, but I seriously thought the S21 was like this year’s S20 FE, but it seems like there’s a broader plan behind that. You see, last year, when 5G wasn’t the norm yet, Samsung announced the S20 5G, but kept an LTE model with Exynos for regions where 5G isn’t available yet. This year with the Exynos 2100, the company has put 5G modems on all models. Well, a 4G variant of the Galaxy S21 has just been certified by Bluetooth SIG with two different model numbers. Now, this could mean two things. Either Samsung is already working on the Fan Edition for this smartphone, or this is just a less expensive variant of the phone without 5G support. Either way, this should be less expensive than the flagship model, but we don’t know if Samsung plans to downgrade the processors and other specs as they won’t add 5G. To sum up the specs, this means a 6.2-inch display, 8GB of RAM, 128GB of storage, and a similar camera array on the rear. We know it’s early enough for Samsung to work on the FE variant for this phone and that may not be the case at all. Regardless, for those wondering if the $ 100 price difference between the S20 FE and the S21 is worth it, I say it is.

Next MacBook Air: Thinner, Lighter, Smaller, More Powerful Next MacBook Pro Might Have a microSD Card Slot Face ID Support on iMac Will Not Be Available Soon

And finally, today’s hottest news has to do with Apple. We’re talking about Macs because we’re currently expecting the next generation of Apple Silicon Macs, and actually, we have a report for three separate lineups here, so be patient. Let’s start with the upcoming MacBook Air, a new report from Mark Gurman says that the next MacBook Air will be a higher-end model and will carry Apple’s MagSafe charging technology and next-generation Apple Silicon processor. It also claims Apple is considering making the laptop smaller by reducing the display bezels, but it will still be a 13-inch panel. Apparently, there are also some rumors about a 15-inch MacBook Air with 4 USB-C ports .. Finally .. But that’s not safe at all. Since the MacBook Air has just been updated, we will most likely see the changes Gurman mentioned until 2022, hopefully with 16 and 32 core processors. As for this year and moving to the MacBook Pro, Gurman says the company has plans to restore the SD card slot, which makes a lot of sense considering how Apple caters to content creators. The report also reiterates details we heard earlier, such as the fact that it will feature a brighter panel, with higher contrast, and that the Touch Bar will no longer be available. Finally, we’re expecting a huge redesign for the iMac this year and one of the rumors was that we would get Face ID with this new design. Well, Gurman says it won’t happen, at least not for the models launched this year. So yeah, we should expect these iMacs and MacBook Pros around the middle of the year, and it looks like we’ll have to wait until 2022 for that high-end MacBook Air that sounds very tempting considering the Apple Silicon rumors.


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