Pela iPhone biodegradable cases will make your phone safe and stylish

Every year, about 14 million tons of plastic is forecast to wind at sea. Plastic pollution not only harms and kills marine life, but it also endangers human health and contributes to climate change. While there is no one-size-fits-all response to plastic waste using a single, companies like Pela (@pelacase) are working hard to reduce the amount of plastic waste in our cables.

Pela manufactures cell phones and other products that are 100% biodegradable, which means they are damaged by bacteria and minerals in an effort to reduce waste. Pela cases are safe, durable, traditional, and most importantly, sustainable.

After working as an environmental consultant for 8 years, Pela founder Jeremy Lang wanted to start his own company. Inspiration struck on a 2008 trip to Kauai where Lang noticed beautiful beaches filled with plastic pieces. After researching how plastic from the sea flies to beaches, Lang began searching into other plastic and applying them to iPhone cases, and Pela was born!

While the name “Pela” certainly shifted from the tongue, there was a lot of thought behind it. “‘Pela’ literally means ‘peel’ — like an apple peel — in Spanish,” Lang told In The Know. “An apple peel protects the apple pie, and it is corrosive and compostable and natural, so the Pela case protects the iPhone and is corrosive and corrosive.”

Not only are Pela products good for the community, but their business model is also. “We always wanted from the first day to be as environmentally and socially sustainable as possible, therefore [since] 2014 awa [have been] membership of 1% For The Planet, and since then – I am very proud – we have donated close to $ 1 million to nonprofits, ”Lang shares.

More than a creator of compostable phone cases, Pela wants to shake up the entire waste industry. “We’re trying to think of ourselves as a waste disposal company,” Lang told In The Know. “Our phone cases are domestic [and] compostable industry, but not all industrial composter will get it. So we were like, ‘What if we could create a machine that could speed up the compost process?’

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