OPPO Reno7: with new iPhone support designs and new product names, new leaks appear to confirm the launch of new smartphones

Recently, OPPO is set to launch the successor to the Reno6 series of mid-range smartphones. Some leaks may put the first appearance of the 7 series devices beyond a doubt right now. In the design of phones, new ideas also seem to endorse others pointing to a new direction (and perhaps longer). For the first time, the Reno 7 – or Reno7, instead, as its new leaks are – line aims to have Vanilla and Variation Pro, as well as a SE.

The first 2 of these have appeared in the new and allegedly official poster, one of which has apparently been installed in an offline Kannada location in advance, possibly by mistake.

This is because the second new poster announces the launch date of November 25, 2021. Both new images also feature an updated engine, meaning that the Vanilla 7 and 7 Pro (at least) will be on display with flat screens and edges, like that. of Reno6.

However, both are now portrayed as having very high contrast, rectangular camera humps, with the Pro as one that has dual toned module commentary of the previously seen charge. Therefore, it seems that OPPO may have something original to give its fans as much as 4 days from now.